Information regarding the slanderous and defamatory letter I received and the lies about the source of the information - LONG OVERDUE - RELATES THE CHILDREN AT RISK!

Katherine Raue made this Official Information request to South End School

The request was refused by South End School.

From: Katherine Raue

Dear South End School,
THIS request was passed on to YOU by the Minister of Education MONTHS AGO and there has been NO response whatsoever! You are hereby advised that I will now instigate Court proceedings against the Board of Trustees and publicise your continuing dishonesty and incompetence widely on behalf of all the concerned local citizens who have had enough of this blatant WITCH HUNT - our kids deserve better than this! This information request is long overdue - get on with responding to it instead of generating a lot of LIES!

I hereby request under section 26 of the Official Information Act 1982 that the following information be corrected and or provided:

Correction 1: The delusional allegation of the Board of Trustees of the South End school that I had (a) been recently charged by the Police with an offence involving a child, and (b) that I told anyone associated with the school that I had been recently charged by the Police with
an offence involving a child, or anything remotely like that.

It has been clearly and indisputably established that I did no such thing! The Board has repeatedly been caught out lying regarding this matter, denying there were any written complaints from parents until confronted with the evidence, then saying they hadn't received any information from Police when the Police files show INDISPUTABLY that that is NOT the case, and that the Police DID provide information regarding me - DELIBERATELY FALSE information specifically regarding Police employment vetting - to the school at precisely the same time as this letter was written according to the information provided by Police and the
evidence of that will be uploaded shortly! Likewise the evidence will be uploaded shortly of the communications between Gavin Kennedy of the South End school Board of Trustees and the local Police on 30 April 2009, recorded by police as such:




It is not a criminal offence to write a letter in
defence of one's good character in response to slanderous and libelous allegations made by the South End School Board of Trustees - provide all information regarding this matter without delay!

There was no meeting between the Principal and I until AFTER I received the letter from the Board, and it has been confirmed that local police officers told the Principal and Board of Trustees the allegation referred to in the letter below and it is not logical or rational to suggest otherwise because no right thinking person would believe the claims being made by the Board - and others involved - in the face of the indisputable evidence of the ongoing
dysfunction, bullying, etc.

This is well evidenced by communications between the local Police and the school which the Board claims doesn't exist, - such as the phone call I received from Police recently after more false allegations were made against me by staff and BoT members like Emily Brown and Elaine Scully - and the emails from Mrs Scully at the school to Emily Brown, the Police, the chairman of the Bot, etc, accusing me falsely of stealing letters from Emily Brown's letterbox! - This matter is getting worse by the day as these lying lunatics remain in charge!

The phone call I received from Police revealed that someone from the South End school rang Police recently so get on with providing me with ALL information and ALL communication between staff of the school or Board of Trustees members and Police!

Also provide ALL information regarding the appointment of a Statutory Manager at the South End school.

Provide ALL information regarding the slanderous and defamatory letter I received from the Board accusing me of being "recently charged by Police with an offence involving a child" - no evidence has been provided regarding who the Board received this information from and you are required to provide it IMMEDIATELY instead of this constant stream of lies and deceit!

I require a written apology for the slanderous and defamatory UNTRUE allegation and the resumption of my employment immediately - as per the final paragraph of the letter I received from the Board!!! Sack the paedophiles - NOT the whistleblowers!!!

Also, please confirm that the school secretary - Elaine Scully - who was apparently the person who rang police and further slandered me with the false allegation that I stole the letters about the illegal sacking of ANOTHER staff member from the letterbox of incompetent and dishonest Board member Emily Brown - was forced to apologise to a student after calling her a "lying little bitch" - confirm that the apology was made and the exact wording of what Scully said to the student, and what was said to the Police when they were called! The South End school is a haven for paedophiles and staff and Board members are facilitating child abuse and sacking the whistleblowers - while Hekia Parata studiously ignores it! No wonder we've got double the national suicide rates - we've got schools run by paedophiles and LIARS!

Katherine Raue

Further information can be found at this link and others on that site, and all New Zealanders who care about their children's education are encouraged to read it:

And here:

Yours faithfully,

Katherine Raue

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From: Katherine Raue

Dear South End School,

It's time you responded to my communications regarding the matter of the slanderous and defamatory false allegations contained in the letter I received from the Board stating that the Board had received information that I had recently been charged with an offence involving a child, sacking me on the basis of that false allegation, and promising me reinstatement if the - NON EXISTENT - charge was withdrawn and I was acquitted.

I've been acquitted of EACH AND EVERY SINGLE CHARGE which has been laid against me by the corrupt local Police - from whom you obviously received this erroneous information!

Provide all evidence regarding this matter according to the Official Information Act immediately and stop lying about it - I never told ANYONE I'd ever been charged with an offence involving a child because I never have been - EVER IN MY LIFE - never mind "recently"!

Respond to the other matters also - the breach of Wayne Rogers privacy and the illegal and disgraceful manner in which he was bullied and sacked like me, and the false allegations to Police by Elaine Scully and Emily Brown etc - I didn't steal anything from Emily Brown's letterbox, I was HANDED that correspondence from a woman whom I shall name in Court if necessary and who will give EVIDENCE as to how SHE received them - Elaine Scully gave them to her son BY MISTAKE!

Specifically - provide all information regarding my complaints about this letter I received! They have been consistently IGNORED while more and more lies have been spread throughout our community by certain Board members and staff and it's time it CEASED and long past time this matter was dealt with and apologies issued to me AND the other victims of this outrageous bullying! Respond to this request WITHOUT DELAY!

Yours faithfully,

Katherine Raue

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