Correction of information according to section 26, and OIA request - South End school debacle:

Katherine Raue made this Official Information request to Minister of Education

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Minister of Education should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Katherine Raue

Dear Minister of Education,

I request all information regarding this email I received from the Secretary of the South End school, including any responses to the email and ALL other information regarding the matter, and a correction of the information therein:
Hi Ken [refers to Statutory Manager, Ken Wilson]
We have had the attached email in from Kate.

I spoke with Emily yesterday to try and ascertain how she got the attached letters. Emily is sure she has stolen them from her letterbox. Unfortunately for us, Emily has admitted that she often doesn’t clear her letterbox (which is on the main street) for days at a time.

I have not responsible for this info getting into Kate’s hands as she states. I phone Emily or leave a message on her answerphone every time I drop mail into her letterbox. The only other way I give her board info is to hand it to her son Zac and ask him to take it home (this is usually non important info).

We have phoned the Police and asked them to come down to track this for us.

Any advice? Do you want me to inform all the board members about what is happening? Ray [Ray Craig, another local bully, who replaced Gavin Kennedy on the Board of Trustees when it became known in the community that the allegation against me in the letter that Kennedy signed was untrue] was in the office this morning so I have informed him.


- The "attached email referred to is this one:"Date: 1 March 2011 17:37
Subject: South End School
To: [statutory manager's email address]

Hi Ken,

I understand that you are the Statutory Manager appointed to the South End School, and have been asked to write to you regarding issues around the management and administration of the school.

I was recently handed correspondence between the school and Wayne Rogers, regarding the termination of his employment at the school, which seems to mirror the way I was treated (attached). I've also been contacted by a number of people who have also complained about the school, including the family of a young girl who was called a "lying little bitch" - as in "You're nothing but a lying little bitch" by Mrs Scully, who is also responsible for this confidential correspondence ending up in my hands and the hands of a number of other people. Many people said that Mrs Scully, Mr O'Leary, Ms Powell and other staff and members of the Board of Trustees have been spreading rumours throughout the community that I am a child abuser, and that Wayne Rogers is also a paedophile. This letter to me from the Board is clearly evidence of that!

I received a letter from the Board of Trustees which is attached. Also attached is a note of thanks I received at the end of the year (2008). The last paragraph of the letter to me, and the thank you note, make a mockery of the school's current position on the matter, and of the Court proceedings brought against me by Rod O'Leary and the former groundsman Thomas Smith.

I've also received copies of correspondence between the school and the Armstrong family about me, which frankly disgust me because they contain nasty and untrue accusations. Furthermore, Board of Trustees member Emily Brown came to the Armstrong's home and made a number of derogatory statements about me and about how Emily had contacted Police and mental health authorities about me after I politely requested that she arrange a meeting between and the Board about this correspondence I had received containing the untrue allegation that I was a danger to the children. Emily Brown is an adulterous liar, who has acknowledged (and boasted about) the fact that she was having it off with George Smith while still married to and living with her husband Graham. Emily's mother and brother committed suicide, and it disgusts many people in the community that she is going around to homes like the Armstrongs, spreading her nasty spiteful UNTRUE rumours, and causing hatred and division in the community. She claimed to be representing the Board on this visit, which disgusted us even more. She should resign from the Board immediately, her adultery and lies disgusts decent people in the community.

I request the immediate return of everything I brought to the school, including the large sign, tools, hoses, plants, etc.

I request that the school write immediately to Wayne Rogers and apologise to him for distributing his correspondence and breaching his privacy. He deserves the job as groundsman for all his voluntary work for the school! The way the Board treats volunteers is disgraceful!

I request that you inform me immediately:
(1) specifically what information (referred to in the correspondence) the school received about me that led them to believe I was (or "could have been") a danger to the children, and
(2) from whom specifically the Board (or O'Leary) received this information.

The correspondence to the Armstrongs is outrageous, the two letters to them clearly contain allegations that I am a danger to the kids, O'Leary knows perfectly well that I never told him any such thing, and that there was no meeting until AFTER I received the letter sacking me, ex Deputy Principal Dallas Powell knows this too. They know perfectly well that the local corrupt police officer told him the lies about me being charged, not me, as he is not dishonestly inferring! The visit to the Armstrong's by Emily Brown was equally outrageous and she should resign immediately because of that alone - how dare she go around the community breaching my privacy and spreading lies like this!!!? How unprofessional! I requested a meeting with the Board!

I request an immediate meeting with the Board to discuss the letter which I received from Gavin Kennedy. The last paragraph promises me my job back if I am "acquitted of the charges withdrawn" - there never were any charges as everyone knows, and I want my job back without further delay.

I understand you were appointed on 1 October 2010. How is it then that Wayne Rogers was hired and fired by Rod O'Leary and the Board?

I look forward to your urgent response. Katherine Raue"

I also request that this informatin is corrected immediately - I was handed these letters by a member of the public who I will name in Court if necessary and call as a witness to my innocence of this ongoing slander!

Yours faithfully,

Katherine Raue

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From: H Parata (MIN)

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On behalf of Hon Hekia Parata thank you for your email.  Your
correspondence has been noted and will be recorded.


All correspondence, including email,  is routed through our mail tracking
process.  Although e-mail increases the speed of delivery, the
“behind-the-scenes” efforts of the Minister’s staff in responding to
mail cannot always provide the kind of speedy response users of email may


While the Minister considers all correspondence to be important, if it is
obvious that you are writing only to express a personal view your opinion
will be noted but a response beyond this acknowledgement may not be sent.


If you are inviting the Minister to attend an event you are organising,
our office will be in touch shortly.


Kind regards



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From: Hiria Parata (MIN)

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Tena koe Ms Raue


Please find attached a letter regarding your Official Information Act
request of 10 April 2013.


Nga mihi nui


Hiria Parata

Ministerial Secretary I Office of Hon Hekia Parata - Minister of Education
and Minister of Pacific Island Affairs

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