Prosecution of Ewen Macdonald for bludgeoning nineteen calves to death.

Katherine Raue made this Official Information request to Ministry for Primary Industries

The request was successful.

From: Katherine Raue

Dear Ministry for Primary Industries,

Please provide all information regarding the reason why the Ministry of Primary Industries did not prosecute Ewen Macdonald for bludgeoning nineteen calves to death. This matter was widely reported in the mainstream media, I was told when I made a complaint that the practice was legal - by one of your staff - it is NOT legal (unless there is an emergency, which there was not) and I insist that the Ministry instigate proceedings against Macdonald IMMEDIATELY or provide a full explanation regarding why not, and a full explanation of why the prosecution was not initiated after the initial complaints! This is an extremely disturbing practice and one with some very nasty implications for the staff required to do the bludgeoning - forcing staff to commit such an act of violence is appalling and what Macdonald did was A CRIMINAL OFFENCE! NINETEEN CRIMINAL OFFENCES TO BE EXACT! When are you going to take action and prosecute him for it?!

Yours faithfully,

Katherine Raue
Transparency New Zealand.

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From: Ministry for Primary Industries Ministerials Group
Ministry for Primary Industries

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Dear Katherine

On behalf of Dave Turner, Acting Director Compliance, please see
the attached letter.

Kind regards Ministerials Ministry for Primary Industries

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From: HERCOCK, Marc

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Dear Ms Raue


Please find attached a letter explaining the prosecution action regarding
Ewen Macdonald for the bludgeoning of 19 calves on 9 August 2007.


If you have any further queries with respect to this matter please do not
hesitate to conatc tme.








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