What action has been taken as a result of Ministerial letter advising me you'd be in contact in Febuary and where is the information I requested:

Katherine Raue made this Official Information request to South End School

Response to this request is long overdue. By law South End School should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Katherine Raue

Dear South End School,

Following a letter from the Minister of Education advising me that the Board of Trustees would be in contact with me in February regarding the formal complaints about the actions of the secretary, staff, and former Board of Trustees and requesting all information regarding these matters, I sent the email below on 31st May 2017. I request all information regarding what action if any has been taken to facilitate a meeting to discuss this ongoing and unacceptable situation.

I also request all information the school holds about me.
"31st May 2017
Dear Clare Crawford,

I understand that you are the new principal of the South End School, and am writing to you regarding the total lack of response to communications regarding formal complaints of serious wrongdoing. I have sent numerous items of correspondence to the school regarding these matters and received no response whatsoever!

Attached is a letter from the Ministry and a letter from the Board of Trustees which contains a slanderous and defamatory allegation - I have never been charged with an offence involving a child in my life and have requested a meeting with the Board of Trustees to discuss the matter since I received the letter. I have also requested ALL INFORMATION regarding myself and about this matter, and received next to nothing in response to this request, which includes all communications and correspondence, Minutes of Board meetings, file notes, etc.

These matters involve slanderous and defamatory allegations against me, and serious breaches of privacy involving myself and another staff member, Wayne Rogers, whose private and confidential information was given to a child due to a mistake by the school secretary, Elaine Scully. Mrs Scully made a false allegation to police that I had "stolen" the information from a Board member's letterbox - Elaine Scully gave the information to the wrong child and evidence of this has been provided!

Elaine Scully has also been one of the primary sources of gossip regarding the untrue and defamatory allegations against me contained in the letter attached, including that I had been "recently charged with an offence involving a child", and other untrue and destructive gossip.

This gossip is ongoing and I insist that a meeting is convened to facilitate discussion between yourself, me, members of the Board of Trustees, and as it appears that a statutory manager has been appointed again, the statutory manager. What is the current situation? Is there a Board of Trustees? I request all policies held by the South End school, and all Minutes of Board meetings since the beginning of 2009 - the letter was sent to me in March 2009 - there must be Board Minutes relating to this letter and why it came to be written - and there must be a record of who communicated the allegation to the Board!

Furthermore, the attached letter containing the slanderous and defamatory allegation is clear in stating that if the non existent charge was to be withdrawn or I was to be acquitted I was more than welcome to return to the work I was doing at the school - there never was any charge and I insist that this email is passed on to the Board and to the Statutory Manager and that a response is forthcoming without delay and a meeting is facilitated.

I also request all Minutes of Board meetings that contain any reference to me or to these matters, all correspondence, all file notes, and all other information regarding these matters.

It is completely and utterly unacceptable that there has been no response from the school to the matters raised by the Ministry and it is completely and utterly unacceptable that Elaine Scully made a false complaint to police when her own error caused the privacy breaches, and it is completely and utterly unacceptable that I should have been sent a letter containing a pack of lies alleging that the Board had allegedly "received information" that I'd been charged with an offence involving a child when that was not and is not true, and completely and utterly unacceptable that Elaine Scully lied to police to cover up her own actions which are utterly outrageous as well as unlawful!

Nga mihi

Yours faithfully,

Katherine Raue

This letter was also delivered by hand to the school secretary and the source of these problems, Elaine Scully.

Attached was a letter from the Minister, and the letter containing the slanderous and defamatory allegations being spread around the community on an ongoing basis by Elaine Scully and others. I did not steal mail as Scully alleges - Scully gave it the wrong child and breached the privacy of two staff members, and I have never been charged with an offence involving a child ever in my life, and I am entitled to a proper apology and my job reinstated as per the letter I was sent containing the slanderous allegation! This letter can be accessed and read at the following link:

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