Livestock grzaed on land owned by Watercare

Harrison made this Official Information request to Watercare Services Limited

The request was partially successful.

From: Harrison

Dear Watercare Services Limited,

Could I please request the following
1 - a list of locations owned by Watercare where livestock grazing occurs
2 - the grazing contracts/licenses for each of the locations
3 - a list of the cattle grazed on land owned by Watercare (if possible)

Yours faithfully,


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From: Watercare
Watercare Services Limited

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Thank you for contacting us. We will respond to your message within four
working days. 

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e-billing, or updating your contact details, you can do this online via

If you have applied for a refund, applications are processed within 10
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For other billing enquiries:
If you have received an estimated bill which is higher or lower than
expected, the balance will be adjusted accordingly on your next bill, or
when we can safely carry out an actual reading.

If you have applied for a leak allowance, applications are processed
within 15 working days and are granted at our discretion.

For urgent leaks or wastewater issues:
Please call us on 09 442 2222 (press 1) or [6]report a fault online. All
leaks are attended to in order of priority and safety. If you have already
reported a leak and it appears to be getting worse, please call us so we
can keep our crew updated. 

Auckland is still facing a water shortage.
While [7]restrictions apply to outdoor water use, we ask that you also
reduce your water use indoors by at least 20 litres per day, every day.
For information on how to become a water-saving hero, visit

If we all save a little, together we can save a lot.

Kind regards, 

Watercare Services Limited 





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From: DHickson (Debbie)
Watercare Services Limited

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Dear Harrison


On behalf of David Hawkins, please see the attached letter in response to
your request for information.





Debbie Hickson  

Executive Assistant to Chief Executive

Watercare Services Limited


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From: Harrison

Dear Debbie and David

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and for the information provided.


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