Carmel Sepuloni

Minister of the Crown

Portfolios and other responsibilities:

  • Minister for Social Development and Employment,
  • Minister for ACC,
  • Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage,
  • Minister for Disability Issues.

This person has multiple portfolios. If possible it is recommended to specify in your request which portfolio(s) your request relates to.

Portfolios and responsibilities previously held:

  • Minister for Social Development,
  • Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage,
  • Associate Minister for Pacific Peoples.

15 requests
ACC review and appeal services
Response by Carmel Sepuloni to M.R.M. on .
Awaiting classification.
Kia ora    This is email 3 of 3   Ngâ mihi                         Sasha Wood, Manager OIA Services, ACC     ACC cares about the environment...
Good afternoon Mr Burcher   Please find attached the Ministry’s response to your request.   Kind regards,   Official and Parliamentary Info...
Emergency Medical Treatment - Failure on the part of your Managers
Follow up sent to Carmel Sepuloni by S. Paurini on .
Withdrawn by the requester.
I have withdrawn this request Yours faithfully, S. Paurini
Information on Veterans Pensions
Response by Carmel Sepuloni to Graham Carter on .
Awaiting classification.
Tçnâ koe Graham Carter,   Please find attached the Ministry’s response to your Official Information Act request.   Nâ mâtou noa, nâ   Offi...
Kia ora Guenter, Thank you for your email. I am writing to clarify that the Cabinet Paper "New Zealand Superannuation and Veteran's Pension: Modernisa...
Kia ora Gregory, I understand that the Ministry of Social Development responded to the second part of your request of 11 October 2018 on 6 November 20...
I wish to lay a formal against Grant Pearson, the Chief Authority of the Social Security Appeal Authority. Mr Pearson's deputy, Susan Pezaro has...
Welfare Expert Advisory Group Report
Response by Carmel Sepuloni to The Lawyer on .
Tçnâ koe Alec, On behalf of Hon Carmel Sepuloni, Minister for Social Development, thank you for your email. In February, the Minister formally receive...
Communications with Museums Aotearoa
Response by Carmel Sepuloni to G.W on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear G.W Hon Carmel Sepuloni has asked me to thank you for your email of 12 June 2019, requesting information under the Official Information Act 1982....
Kia ora Guenter,   Please see the attached response from Minister Sepuloni. I apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience.   Ngā m...
I do not recall a response to the portion sent to Minister Sepuloni. Please clarify when Minister Sepuloni replied and how so I may follow up or pl...
Rights of Child with Disability
Response by Carmel Sepuloni to Katrina Bevan on .
Partially successful.
Kia ora Ms Bevan,   Please see the attached OIA response from Minister Sepuloni.     Ngā mihi   Caitlin Sowden | Private Secretary Offi...
Can I please have a copy of the letter from Deaf Aotearoa's CE to Brian Coffey. It was a lengthy letter, around 15 pages. This letter, I understand...
Can I please have a copy of the contract from the NZSL Board/NZSL Fund to Joanne Witko (applicant, on behalf of DHB). Yours faithfully, Becky
Request for information
Follow up sent to Carmel Sepuloni by Robert Stewart on .
Awaiting classification.
Unfortunately you've misunderstood my request. I am asking specifically for the information your office holds including currently by or to you as Mi...

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