All information regarding the South End School.

Katherine Raue made this Official Information request to Education Review Office

The request was refused by Education Review Office.

From: Katherine Raue

Dear Education Review Office,

I request all information held by ERO regarding the South End School.

The last report available to view on your website is dated 7/12//2011 and it ends with the words "ERO intends to carry out another review over the course of one-to-two years." Has another review been done or not - I remind you that I advised your Office in detail of our complaints and specifically requested to be included in the next review and that the next review needed to address the manner in which I and another member of staff have been bullied and lied about and sacked! Your Office seems to be willfully ignoring our complaints and a growing number of people in our community have had enough of it.

I have made numerous complaints to your office about this school and the manner in which I and another staff member have been treated, we have been lied about and bullied and your Office has an obligation by law to address this. I have requested a meeting to address the complaints repeatedly, and your Office has repeatedly refused to engage in addressing those serious complaints.

The school continues to refuse to respond to OIA requests such as the one at this link -

The school also continues to act unlawfully and in total contradiction to the Board's stated Personnel Policy, they refuse to engage in any communication regarding the matters whatsoever - as can be seen by the evidence at the link above.

We've had enough of this taxpayer funded corruption and incompetence, and blatant bullying. I was running a program which supported the students to grow their own food, delivering a program which not only taught the students gardening, but a range of other very important life skills, as well as enhancing the learning of core subjects, numeracy and literacy, science, etc. Our program also incorporated the Virtues Program, and a very effective suicide prevention program. Certain members of Board and staff have engaged in a witch hunt, the lies are blatant and the evidence of this is indisputable!

It's long past time that ERO addressed these matters instead of fobbing us off repeatedly and telling us to talk to the BoT - the BoT refuses or is incapable of responding or communicating in any way whatsoever about these matters and they refuse to provide me with information about myself which is UNLAWFUL - what part of that don't you understand? You have a duty to address these complaints and we've had enough of being fobbed off.

I request a meeting with an ERO inspector without delay and I request that the discussion is recorded.

Yours faithfully,

Katherine Raue

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From: Tai Pirato
Education Review Office

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Dear Katherine


Please find attached ERO’s response to your email dated 14 September 2014,
requesting under the Official Information Act 1982, all information held
by ERO regarding the South End School.


Kind regards



Tai Pirato




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