Mayoral election voting information

George Morrison made this Official Information request to Wellington City Council

The request was refused by Wellington City Council.

From: George Morrison

Dear Wellington City Council,

Please provide me with the information provided to Justin Lester by the electoral officer at his request, following the recent local body election.

For clarity, I am requesting the information mentioned in this Stuff story:

Lester, who is still weighing up the possibility of a recount, said he had requested a raft of information from the electoral officer, some of which he had already received.

"The information we have received today makes for interesting reading," he said.

Given this is a matter of high public interest, and the information has already been collated, I ask that this request be expedited under the provisions of the Act

Yours faithfully,

George Morrison

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From: Deborah Howse
Wellington City Council

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Kai ora Mr Morrison


Thank you for your request for information in response to a Stuff news


As you may be aware, an application for a recount by the candidate Justin
Lester is currently before the District Court. As such, release of this
information data set would prejudice the maintenance of the law while it
is before the Court.


We have considered your request and refuse the information under section 6
(a) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.


If you disagree with the decision to refuse the request, then you can
write to the Office of the Ombudsman to have the decision reviewed.


Kind regards

Deborah Howse


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