Pedestrian phase of traffic signals

Greg Bodnar made this Official Information request to Wellington City Council

The request was successful.

From: Greg Bodnar

Dear Wellington City Council,

I am interested in knowing how the pedestrian phases are determined at several crossings in Mount Cook and Newtown. As a resident and frequent pedestrian, I've found that several crossings are punitive to pedestrians and encourage risky crossing against signals.

To fulfil this request, I would like the following details:
1) Policy that governs the timing of the traffic signals, including the pedestrian phases
2) The programmed timing for each phase of a full cycle of traffic signals at peak and off-peak periods
3) Vehicle counts, if known, at each signal
4) Pedestrian counts, if known, at each signal

for each of the following signalled crossings:
1) Intersection of John St and Hanson St
2) Intersection of John St, Adelaide Rd and Riddiford St
3) Intersection of Riddiford St and access to Wellington Regional Hospital, near 27
4) Pedestrian crossing of Riddiford St between Wellington Regional Hospital and Ronald McDonald House
5) Intersection of Adelaide Rd and Hospital Rd
6) Pedestrian crossing of Adelaide Rd between 100 and 113

Yours faithfully,

Greg Bodnar

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From: BUS: IRO
Wellington City Council

Dear Mr Bodnar

Thank you for your information request dated 30 September 2013. I am the officer managing your request. I will be in contact with a decision on your request within the next week.

Deborah Howse

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From: Deborah Howse
Wellington City Council

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Dear Mr Bodnar
Please see attached the response to your information request.
Deborah Howse
Deborah Howse
Manager - Issues Resolution Office
Wellington City Council
101 Wakefield Street
P.O. Box 2199
DD +64 4 803 8341
Reception +64 4 499 4444
Fax + 64 801 3048
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intended for the addressee only. If you are not the intended recipient,
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