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The Ministry of Defence is a civilian agency that gives advice to the Government on defence matters, and purchases major equipment. For information on operational defence matters, make a request to New Zealand Defence Force.

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Molesworth Street Defence building lightning rod
Response by Ministry of Defence to Robin Bodley on .
Information not held.
Dear Robin Bodley,   I refer to your Official Information Act request (OIA) of 8 October 2014 in which you sought details of the lightning rod insta...
Dear S H Wilkinson, Please find attached the response to your OIA request of 26 August 2014.   Regards,   Corporate and Ministerial Services...
Information regarding Extraterrestrial life
Response by Ministry of Defence to Shane Warbrooke on .
Information not held.
New Zealand Army Leadership Board
Response by Ministry of Defence to Grace Haden on .
Dear Ms Haden   Please find attached the Chief of Defence Force’s response to your OIA request of 3 February 2014.     Yours sincerely   Debora...
MoD Organizational Information
Request to Ministry of Defence by Joshua Grainger. Annotated by Joshua Grainger on .
Long overdue.
The 2012 Statement of Intent is here: Information about the divisions in MoD appear...
<<3555 Alex Harris SIGNED response FORWARDED to AS C, DirExec.PDF>>

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