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Great Journeys of NZ ridership
Response by KiwiRail to Josh Thompson on .
Good afternoon   Please find the attached.   Kind regards   Dave   Dave Allard  | Government Relations Advisor Level 4, Wellington Ra...
How much fuel do the trains use in a year?
Response by KiwiRail to Brett Cooper on .
  Dear Brett Cooper, please find attached our response to your OIA request in regard to use of diesel.     Kind regards   OCU team   L...
Good afternoon Patrick. Please find attached KiwiRail's response to your Official Information Act request. Kind regards OCU Team Level 4, Welling...
Wiatakere Tunnel upgrade for transport link to Kumeu etc.
Follow up sent to KiwiRail by Graeme Hammonds on .
Thank you for the final piece of information it helps with the interpretation of the use of the Waitakere Rail for possible use for a passenger servi...
Thank you for the clarification Tony. I acknowledge receipt of the Official Information Act 1982 request, for the dates the business cases were receiv...
Can KiwiRail please provide an update on when I may expect to receive the requested contract for business case information as this is now overdue ?...
Dear Steve Shields, could you please provide a physical address so we can send you the documents requested. They are too large to email.   Kind re...
Death or harm on transfer bus
Response by KiwiRail to Tim Frank on .
Dear Tim Frank, please rind our response to your OIA request in regard to deaths and serious harm in the Otira Tunnel.   Kind regards   OCU Te...
Posible Preservation of a DC class locomotive
Response by KiwiRail to Jonathon Holmes-Welsh on .
Dear Jonathon Holmes-Welsh, please find attached our response to your request on retiring DCs.   Kind regards   OCU Team   Level 4, Wellin...
Request of Locomotive Statuses
Response by KiwiRail to Steven on .
Partially successful.
Good morning Stephen, please find attached our response to your OIA request in regard to KiwiRail locomotive statuses.   Kind regards   Helen...
Report on Collision Risk at Wellington Station
Response by KiwiRail to Benjamin on .
Dear Benjamin, please find attached our response for your OIA request for the a copy of the Wellington Risk Study.   Kind regards   The OCU Te...
Future of Dc class and preservation
Response by KiwiRail to Maurice812 on .
Dar Maurice 812, please find attached our response to your OIA request for information in regard to the status of locomotives.   Kind regards  ...
Dc's with either unofficial or given a name?
Follow up sent to KiwiRail by Colby James on .
Partially successful.
Thanks and also I understand directly it's becasue mainly I was confused because ever since I was reading the wikipedia article on Dc class I hav...
Hi me again just like to ask a simple question well it's regardless of the DXC class that run the Midland Line on Coal Trains they're hard workers t...
Wiri to Quay Park - aka The Third Main Schedule of Works
Response by KiwiRail to Ben Ross on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Ross   Please find attached a response for information requested under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987....
Request has been passed to Auckland Transport for answering. AT due to reply back on the 24th July.
Dear Mr Hubbard Thank you for your email to FYI of 29 March 2017, in which you make the following request: • Is the railway tenancy lease for its var...
Does KiwiRail pay rates on vacant land it owns?
Request to KiwiRail by Brent Hubbard. Annotated by Marcus Cook on .
Railway land has some non-rateable status: Land occupied by the New Zealand Railways Corporation, or by a railway operator, that is— (a) part of...
    Dear D Maclure   A response is attached regarding your Official Information Act Request.   Best Regards   Lucy May   Lucy May -...
Dear Mr Butler, please find below the response to your OIA2017.069 request on Drury West Rail with supporting documents attached.     We refer t...
DBR Preservation
Response by KiwiRail to Colby James on .
Good afternoon Colby Thank you for your email dated 29 July 2017. After the tenders closed on 17 July 2017 KiwiRail received a large amount of intere...
Written off/retired locos
Response by KiwiRail to trainlover67 on .
Good afternoon Trainlover67   Thank you for your email dated 15 October 2017, received by KiwiRail on 16 October 2017, in which you requested the...
Withdrawn DC and DBR citation
Response by KiwiRail to trainluva7 on .
Long overdue.
Dear Trainluva7 Thank you for your query. For privacy, please send your name and address to OCU from your own, private email address (NOT from your FY...
Statuses for EF's 30111 and 30157
Response by KiwiRail to trainlover67 on .
Dear Trainlover67 We are writing in response to your request dated 28 December 2016 requesting information on the status of EF locomotives 30111 and 3...
Stratford–Okahukura Line, IwiRail and other Proposed Lines
Request to KiwiRail by Harriet Gale. Annotated by Keith Burton on .
Harriet, it doesn't sound like KiwiRail have any firm plans for any of their mothballed lines. I believe Stratford to Taumarnui should converted to a...

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