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Track infrastructure issue near Newmarket
Response by KiwiRail to Tom on .
Thomas,   Thanks for contacting us.   KiwiRail monitors the condition of the rail network on an ongoing basis through a variety of inspection...
Master fleet list
Response by KiwiRail to Connor Johnson on .
Sorry, had meant to include that, page one is mainline locomotives, page two are our shunts.
Good afternoon Regan, and thank you for your enquiry. We are declining your request in full under sections 9(2)(b)(ii) and 9(2)(i) – Commercial inform...
Reasons for nuisance alarm tripping at Norfolk Road, Waingawa
Follow up sent to KiwiRail by Patrick Dunford on .
As I noted in my original request the design of the crossing alarm system at Norfolk Road as shown in the most recent S&I diagram that I have seen pr...
Awarua Street Station Upgrade
Response by KiwiRail to S Burns on .
Tēnā koe Sam Request for information 2023-199 I refer to your two requests for information both dated 26 July 2023, which were received by Greater...
In progress and planned construction/maintenance
Response by KiwiRail to Connor Johnson on .
Partially successful.
Good afternoon Connor Thank you for your request. Information on our major projects, including the Northland Rail Rejuvenation, Wellington/Wairarapa...
Fuel Consumption of KiwiRail trains
Response by KiwiRail to Alex Lindbom on .
Hi Alex,   Please find attached our response to your OIA request.   Many thanks, Daniel (Dan) Dalgety  | Government Relations Advisor Level...
Network Net Tonnage
Response by KiwiRail to Mitchell Tobin on .
Hi Mitchell,   Please find attached KiwiRail’s response to your request.   Many thanks, Daniel (Dan) Dalgety  | Government Relations Advisor...
Preserving a Hillside Built Dsc
Response by KiwiRail to Richard Emerson on .
Partially successful.
Hi Richard Thanks for your query with regard DSC2325 and understanding the significance of this DSC to the Otago rail heritage. As you will be aware...
Hi Dave, Thank you for your response. The documents you have provided me are of very detail and quality. They are very well suited for my needs, wi...
This transfer expires on 2023-07-17 [1]Click 'Download images' to view images [2][email address] sent you rpt_4925_Northern_Carterton_230125.pdf 1...
Good morning Andrew, As requested, please find attached an updated Excel spreadsheet. Hopefully it addresses what you're seeking. Please note that...
Passenger rail diesel consumption
Response by KiwiRail to Peter King on .
Good afternoon Peter   Please find our response below.   These figures include the generator vans which are critical to the service operating....
Progress on Halswell Junction Road realignment
Response by KiwiRail to Cody C on .
Partially successful.
Good afternoon Cody   Just to clarify, I had thought the information would have been sufficient to answer your queries, but to be definitive.   Wh...
Compton St level crossing Tinwald MSL 97.54 km
Response by KiwiRail to Patrick Dunford on .
Good afternoon Patrick Apologies for the delay in responding to your query. KiwiRail has looked at the Compton Street level crossing in relation to t...
Cost of “gifted” names
Response by KiwiRail to Alex Daniels on .
Good afternoon   Please find the attached.   Kind regards Dave   Dave Allard  | Senior Government Relations Advisor DDI: 027 201 8182...
Level crossing improvements on Wairarapa Line
Response by KiwiRail to Patrick Dunford on .
Partially successful.
Good afternoon Patrick Please see below the response form our Wairarapa Upgrades Team. KiwiRail has funding from the New Zealand Upgrade Programme (NZ...
Distances of stations on the rail network
Response by KiwiRail to Patrick Dunford on .
Handled by post.
Get in touch directly, and I'll see if I can put you in touch with our data guys. Dave Allard  | Senior Government Relations Advisor DDI: 027 201 8182...
Thanks Patrick Could you email me directly, and we can take this discussion off line, I can possibly put you in touch with someone from our team. Ch...
West Coast (SI) Coal Various
Response by KiwiRail to Lindon Boyce on .
Good afternoon Lindon   Please find our responses below.   * The key coal loading facility on the West Coast is Ngakawau.  We also regularly load...
Did you get a response from AT?
Patrick   What measures have currently or previously been proposed to address bridge strike issues at Main South Line Bridge 43, the so-called "Ti...
Options for ballast replacement in Auckland
Response by KiwiRail to R S Grant on .
Partially successful.
Hi there - to be honest, I have no idea if ideas like that were explored. Let me ask the project team and get back to you. Cheers - and have a great C...
Ideas for Kiwirail related
Response by KiwiRail to Colby James on .
Good afternoon Colby   Thank you for getting in touch with KiwiRail with your ideas for how to improve our services for all New Zealanders. Your...
Southerner service
Response by KiwiRail to Barry Garrick on .
Good afternoon Barry My apologies - this had been responded to - although sometime our send-aware system blocks external emails with attachments if the...

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