False information is allowed to remain on the offical record - Social Security Appeal Authority

S. Paurini made this Official Information request to Carmel Sepuloni

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Carmel Sepuloni should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: S. Paurini

Dear Carmel Sepuloni,

I wish to lay a formal against Grant Pearson, the Chief Authority of the Social Security Appeal Authority.

Mr Pearson's deputy, Susan Pezaro has made a wrong decision, justifying it by making two false claims and I have spent ten months trying to get them both removed from the record.

The false claims have been proven as correspondence has been sent from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, the University of Auckland, the Campbell Institute and the New Zealand English Language School to Mr Pearson and he has ignored them.

The two factually incorrect "reasons" Ms Pezzaro used for declining assistance to help me improve my knowledge and experience and find relevant employment are on public record and I want them removed, not least because other beneficiaries and welfare advocates will be mislead by the wrong decision.

Minister Sepuloni, you are the only person able to investigate Mr Pearson so I would like to know the formal process I need to follow in order for you to address this matter. What is the process I must follow in order for you to address the complaint?

Please consider the steps I've taken over the last ten months that have caused a great deal of distress to me personally.

The whole situation is known to your officials including Ariki Toma and Hannah Lee, so I'd prefer not to be made to restate everything again.

I have copied a number of other people into the email because as you should know, I have never received an acknowledgement or response from any official I’ve written to or every person I've managed to get a reply from has either not known how to address the issue or has given me wrong advice.

I am still on Supported Living and still applying for positions and still not having any luck. As a person with disabilities it is more difficult and agencies aren't supportive, including Work and Income.

Work and Income is unable to (or won't) assist me into training and development so I am searching for options wherever I can.

An example of how messy this whole spectacle has been is as follows:

I received a call last week from the Authority advising me to appeal to the High Court even though that was precisely the same wrong advice that was given to me by the Authority in March. So a passing the buck process is starting over again.

It was the wrong advice from the SSAA then and it's the wrong advice now. The High Court can’t consider the issue, you have to.

Note the bizarre advice I received from the Ombudsman – they advised me to complain about you to the New Zealand Labour Party.

My email records show the following chronology which started at the *High Court in March 2019 onward.

All agencies and individuals that have pushed me around instead of dealing with the problem:

June 2018
February 2019
Soc Sec Appeal Authority
* High Court
Soc Sec Appeal Authority
Ministry of Justice
Carmel Sepuloni
William Sio
Carmel Sepuloni
Ministry of Justice
Carmel Sepuloni
Ministry of Justice
New Zealand Labour Party Deputy GS
New Zealand Labour Party President
New Zealand Labour Party Secretary
Trevor Mallard
Jacinda Ardern
Carmel Sepuloni
Soc Sec Appeal Authority
Carmel Sepuloni
Ministry of Justice

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Paurini

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