Request to iPredict about suspension of contract

Alex Harris made this Official Information request to Victoria University of Wellington

The request was successful.

From: Alex Harris

Dear Victoria University of Wellington,

This OIA request is for your subsidiary iPredict (which according to its website is "owned by Victoria Link Ltd, or “Viclink”, the commercial arm of Victoria University of Wellington", making it a Crown Entity Subsidiary in terms of the Crown Entities Act 2004, and therefore subject to the OIA as an organisation named in Part 2 of Schedule 1 of the Ombudsmen Act 1975).

At approximately 10pm on 25 November 2011, iPredict suspended trading in the contract VOTE.2011.NZF. I would like to request the following information under the Official Information Act 1982:

* What was the reason for the suspension?
* Was the suspension precipitated by any complaints, whether from market users or watchers, or was it taken solely at the initiative of iPredict's administration?
* if there were complaints, I am seeking a copy of all of them, suitably redacted to protect privacy.
* Was the suspension discussed within iPredict's management, or was it the decision of one person?
* if there was discussion, I am seeking a copy of all such discussion, whether email, written, or oral. (Yes, information in your head is covered by the OIA, and you can write down your recollection of any telephone calls or physical discussions you had)
* any advice on the effect of the suspension on iPredict's research goals
* any advice on the effect of the suspension on its Financial Markets Authority authorisation.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Harris

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From: Matt Burgess

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