Maps for Southshore, Christchurch

Judy Grindell made this Official Information request to Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority

The request was partially successful.

From: Judy Grindell

Dear Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority,

Thanks you for releasing the maps and geotechnical information that was considered by the the CERA zoning review panel. For #15 Southshore to Redcliffs, the legend on some maps covers the northern area of the zoning under review.

1. Please provide copies of Figs 2, 7, 8 and 8a without the legend covering the northern part of the area under review ... all maps should show the entire area up to Halsey Street.

2. Please clarify whether the Review Panel were given these actual maps or whether every map and set of data was clear right to up Halsey St

3. Please explain why no Cone Penetometer Testing was done on Estuary Road towards Halsey Street, especially as the land width between sea and estuary is actually very wide and you were making decidions as to where the red zone boundary was to be.

4. Please provide CPT data for Tern Street ... the one area tested that is in a TC3 zone.

Yours faithfully,

Judy Grindell

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From: info (CERA)
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority

Thank you for emailing the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

We will respond to your request as soon as possible

In the meantime, please visit our website
[1] where answers to a number of frequently asked
questions can be found.

Thank you for your patience.


Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

------------------------------- This email and any attachments may contain
information that is confidential and subject to legal privilege. If you
are not the intended recipient, any use, dissemination, distribution or
duplication of this email and attachments is prohibited. If you have
received this email in error please notify the author immediately and
erase all copies of the email and attachments. The Canterbury Earthquake
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information about CERA, please visit


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From: info (CERA)
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority

Dear Judy

Thank you for your email concerning Maps for Southshore. We understand that your correspondence is currently being considered by Minister Brownlee's office and you will receive a reply in due course.

Best Regards

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority
Enquiry Management and Resolution Team

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From: Louisa Jobson
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority

Dear Judy,

Thank you for your email requesting information under the Official Information Act. A response will be supplied within 20 working days from 28 September in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

Kind regards,

Louisa Jobson
Ministerial and Chief Executive Support
Office of the Chief Executive
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)
Private Bag 4999 Christchurch 8140
T: (03) 354 2830
E: [email address]

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