methodology for interpreting the Share an Idea information

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From: Barnaby Bennett

Dear Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority,

CERA and CCDU frequently cite the fact that the Blueprint is based on the Council run Share an Idea campaign. Can you explain how this happened? Was there a methodology for how the data was interpreted? Were the council's interpretation's fully accepted, or were some dismissed, and if so through what process?

I would like to see any documents that outline how this process (which led to the development of a multi-billlion dollar plan) was carried out.

I understand this is a possibly not a simple request, but given the frequency of the claim, and the importance of this information as being the foundation of the large plan I think it is in the public interest to have it explained.

Yours faithfully,

Barnaby Bennett

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From: info (CERA)
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority

Thank you for emailing the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

We will respond to your request as soon as possible

In the meantime, please visit our website
[1] where answers to a number of frequently asked
questions can be found.

Thank you for your patience.


Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

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From: oce (CERA)
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority

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Dear Barnaby


Please find attached letter from our Chief Executive, Roger Sutton.


Kind Regards





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