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Andrew kelly made this Official Information request to Serious Fraud Office

The request was successful.

From: Andrew kelly

Dear Serious Fraud Office,

In July 1998, a 'warning letter' was sent to Mr Ross Black, the then-Chairman of HealthCare Otago, by two Dunedin-based businessmen. In this, the two authors describe their dealings with now-convicted fraudster, Michael Andrew Swann.

I am formally requesting a copy of that 1998 'warning letter', please.

I am aware - thanks to the media - that HealthCare Otago and it succesor, the Otago District Health Board, subsequently could not find a copy of this letter. But that the Serious Fraud Office did uncover the letter during the course of their investigation into Swann's fraud 'sometime' in late 2006.

It was also reported - in November 2006 - that an electronic copy of this same letter was sent by one of the two signatories to the then-Minister of Health, Peter Hodgson. And that Serious Fraud Office investigator Roger Small was also copied in.

I am, of course, aware that - in December 2006 - the Otago Daily Times newspaper made an Official Information Act request to the Serious Fraud Office to make the letter public: And that, at that time, this request was refused.

This is understandable - given the Serious Fraud Office investigation was still on-going at that time.

However, that was six years ago. And since that time, Michael Andrew Swann has been found guilty on all three charges brought by the Serious Fraud Office (December 2008) - and was subsequently sentenced to prison (March 2009).

And this is why I'm formally requesting a copy of the 1998 'warning letter'.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Kelly

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From: Paterson, Nick
Serious Fraud Office

Dear Mr Kelly

Further to your email below we have looked into our archived files and
have found the required information.  However in the course of doing this,
it appears to us that the document you are seeking has already been
printed in the ODT
on 9 December 2008. 

Please can you confirm that this is the information that you are seeking,
and as such your request has been answered?

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards


Nick Paterson | General Manager, Fraud & Corruption | Serious Fraud Office
| PO Box 7124, Wellesley Street, Auckland | Level 6, 21 Queen Street,
Auckland 1010, New Zealand | Phone + 64 9 301 0142 | Mobile + 64 21 675

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From: Andrew kelly

Dear Mr Paterson,

Thank you for your prompt response. Very much appreciated!

I did actually visit the page you've indicated - but failed to select the link to the actual document!

My bad!

Apologies! Consider my request answered in full.


Andrew kelly

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