Authorisations for Prime Minister to retain gifts

Alex Harris made this Official Information request to Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The request was partially successful.

From: Alex Harris

Dear Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet,

Thankyou for your response to my recent OIA request regarding "Procedures for retaining gifts". And now, I have a followup.

According to the annual Register of Pecuniary and Other Specified Interests of Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister retained 15 gits, including a limited edition print (GBD design), bottled water from the Premium NZ Trading Company, an elephant sculpture from an Indian Minister, export-quality beef from CMP Canterbury, wine from Penfolds etc. I would like to request the following information under the Official Information Act 1982:

* for each of the 15 gifts retained by the Prime Minister in 2011 (as declared in his pecuniary interest statement to Parliament), all documents relating to the authorisation of the retention of that gift. If a particular gift has no documents authorising its retention, I would like to know. If there is no documentation at all for any of these gifts, then I am happy for the request to be refused under s18(e), as that in itself is highly informative.

As there ar eonly 15 gifts to check, this is unlikely to require "substantial collation and research".

I would prefer to receive an electronic response. Queries about this request will be automatically forwarded to me by the website.

With regards to s12 of the OIA, I am an NZ citizen and in NZ.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Harris

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From: Gillian Pettit
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

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Gillian Pettit
Cabinet Office

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