How many MPS hold a current practicing certificate as barristers and or solicitors, and if so who are they

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From: Grace Haden

Dear Parliamentary Service,
By way of OIA please advise

How many MPS hold a current practicing certificate as barristers and or solicitors, and if so who are they and what are their port folios.

Please also advise if their membership as a member of the law society has been disclosed as a possible conflict of interest in their respective roles/ office.

Also is there a policy with regards to practicing lawyers being MPS if so could you please provide a copy of this.

Yours faithfully,

Grace Haden

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From: Parliamentary Information Service
Parliamentary Service

Dear Grace,

Thank you for your enquiry. It has been received by the Parliamentary Information Service. The Parliamentary Service is not subject to the OIA but we will be happy to respond to this request for you.
We will reply to your request within the next 3 days.
Kind regards
Beth Wishart

Beth Wishart
Research Client Services Officer

Parliamentary Information Service
Parliamentary Service, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160, New Zealand

T: [04] 817 9647
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From: Reference
Parliamentary Service

Attachment Current Members of Parliament who are lawyers.docx
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Attachment Cabinet Manual on Conflicts of Interest.docx
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Attachment Some recent examples where it has been claimed a lawyer MP had a conflict of interest.docx
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Hello Grace,

Attached is a list of the current MPs who are lawyers.

There is nothing to stop a lawyer being an MP, but they usually don't do lawyer work whilst they are an MP, as being an MP is such a full-time job. They must avoid conflicts of interest, and I have attached the rules about this.

There have not been any cases of an MP who was lawyer having a conflict of interest, but I have attached some examples where it was claimed that an MP who was a lawyer had a conflict of interest.

I hope this information is helpful.

Yours faithfully,

Parliamentary Information Service.

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Luke C left an annotation ()

Well done to the Parliamentary Information Service for being helpful and answering this request, despite Parliamentary Service not being subject to the OIA.

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Kylie Fowler left an annotation ()

Hear, hear Luke. I am very impressed by Parliamentary Services response

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