Gift Register for Steven Joyce's Ministerial Advisers

Alex Harris made this Official Information request to Department of Internal Affairs

The request was successful.

From: Alex Harris

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

Thankyou for your response to my recent request for information on Ministerial Advisers in the office of Steven Joyce. I would like to request the following information under the Official Information Act 1982:

* Any policy on the acceptance of gifts and hospitality by Ministerial advisers.
* A list of the gifts and hospitality received by each Ministerial Adviser employed in the office of Steven Joyce over the past year. If you have an existing register, then I'd like a copy of it. If not, then I'd like you to compile one for me, showing all offers of gifts or hospitality valued at over $50, and in each case, the value of the offered gift, who it was offered to (obviously you should anonymise this to protect personal privacy; identifying them by job title is OK), whether it was accepted, and the business rationale for such acceptance (this is Treasury's scheme, and it seems appropriate for use here).

While there are privacy issues here, there is also a substantial public interest in disclosure. The Ombudsman has previously ruled in favour of disclosure of gift information for senior public servants below the Chief Executive level (e.g. Treasury), and I have no doubt they would make a similar ruling in the case of Ministerial Advisers.

I understand that this request may be more closely connected with the Minister's office rather than DIA, and so it may be transferred there.

I would prefer to receive an electronic response. Queries about this request will be automatically forwarded to me by the website.

With regards to s12 of the OIA, I am an NZ citizen and in NZ.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Harris

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From: Katrina Taylor
Department of Internal Affairs

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Dear Alex,

please find attached the response to your Official Information Act request.

Kind regards,

Katrina Taylor
Business and Secretariat Support
Ministerial and Secretariat Services
Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua
Bowen House, Parliament Buildings
Wellington, New Zealand

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is not necessarily the official view or communication of the Department of Internal Affairs.  If you are not 
the intended recipient you must not disclose, copy or distribute this message or the information in it.  If 
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