RFI surrounding the stationing of Singaporean aircraft in New Zealand

Alex Hill made this Official Information request to New Zealand Defence Force

Currently waiting for a response from New Zealand Defence Force, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details and exceptions).

From: Alex Hill

Dear New Zealand Defence Force,

It is understood that the New Zealand Defence Force has undertaken a study whether or not it is feasible for Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) aircraft to be based out of RNZAF Base Ohakea. Under the Official Information Act I ask for the following information to be handed over -

1 - The Office itself
1.1 - The name, organisational structure and budget of the investigating office or team;
1.2 - The Terms of Reference developed for the study;
1.3 - All communications between this office and any service persons present at Base Ohakea; for the sole purpose of the feasibility study;
1.4 - All communications between this office and any headquarters staff (CDF, VCDF, CAF, CN, CA, COMJFNZ and it's components);

Note: For point 1.1 above, organisational structure is to include internal structure (roles, sub-offices) and the office's external reporting structure.

2 - The Study itself
2.1 - The final report, any interim report or briefing provided to headquarters staff, other internal Directorates, Ministries or Ministers;
2.2 - All briefings on the study provided to personnel at RNZAF Base Ohakea (such as the Base Commander/XO/Adj.);
2.3 - All communications surrounding the results of the study;

3 - Other
3.1 - All communications between the Defence Directorate of Security (DDS) and the investigating office;
3.1.1 - Including but not limited to briefings, meetings, emails etc.
3.2 - All communications between any Defence Intelligence directorates/units and the investigating office;
3.2.1 - Including but not limited to briefings, meetings, emails etc.
3.3 - All communications between Defence Public Affairs and the office;

I understand that some of the information that I've requested may be classified. I request that every effort is made to either redact or declassify due to the significant public interest in this case. If significant information is withheld, the Ombudsman will be contacted.

I also expect names of personnel to be withheld, which is perfectly fair. However, I ask that any ranks are left in the communications, so that it can be distinguished at what strategic level that comment is being made. With regard to the names of the personnel within the Office (Para 1), I am more than satisfied with rank only.

In the context of this document, communications is to mean any information sharing between two parties through any medium (digital or physical).

With regards to my eligibility to make a request under the OIA; I am a New Zealand citizen currently living in New Zealand.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Hill

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