Joss Nicholls made this Official Information request to Department of Conservation

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From: Joss Nicholls

Dear Department of Conservation,
I would like to know how much you spend on advertising with media works and any other media outlet each year, reguarding the use of 1080 and predator free nz ,

Yours faithfully,

Joss nicholls

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From: Government Services
Department of Conservation

Dear Jos

On behalf of the Director-General of the Department of Conservation, I confirm receipt of your request below.

Your request has been forwarded to the relevant business group for processing. You will receive a reply by 12/2/19 in accordance with the requirements of the Official Information Act 1982.

Please note that the Ombudsman has set an OIA holiday from 25 December to 15 January. The 20 working days allowed for your response will be on hold over this period, and will continue again from 16 January.

Yours sincerely

Alan Moran
for Director-General

Alan Moran 
Government Services Advisor (Government Services)
Policy and Visitors Group
Department of Conservation–Te Papa Atawhai
Phone:  0275665778
Conservation House (Level 2) 19-32 Manners Street [ PO Box 10420, Wellington 6143 ]
Conservation for prosperity Tiakina te taiao, kia puawai

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From: Peter Morton
Department of Conservation

Hello Joss,
We’re preparing a response to your OIA request, but would like to clarify
the information you are seeking please. It may be simplest to discuss this
on the phone, if there is a number I can ring you on?
The questions at our end are;

* When you ask for information for “each year”. Which specific years are
you interested in?
* You’ve asked about “advertising”. You may not be aware that DOC’s
policy is to publicly notify every aerial 1080 operation in local
newspapers, so people are aware of the work before it occurs. Is this
the kind of “advertising” you are interested in, or are you looking
for something else?
* I’d like to clarify the level of accuracy you need in our answer. We
can provide you with an estimate of our spend on advertising each year
as requested. This will be within + or - $10,000 of our annual spend.
However, DOC records do not allow the easy separation of costs to a
greater level of detail than this without manual searching. Compiling
an exact figure would require the individual transaction records to be
located and analysed for a large number of operations spread across
the country. Going to that level of detail would use up a significant
amount of staff time to do new work. If you are seeking that level of
accuracy we would probably have to charge you for the staff time
associated with gathering the information.

Peter Morton
Department of Conservation
PO Box 528
Taupo 3351
(027) 542 8306
WEB: [1]

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From: Joss Nicholls

Dear Peter Morton,
The information i am after is how much did doc spend on any form of advertising each year & roughly what was spent with who regarding 1080 & predator free nz for the years 2015 thru to 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Joss Nicholls

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