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From: Katie Torrington

Dear New Zealand Post Limited,

I recently witnessed an incident on Auckland's North Shore where it appeared a "paxster" vehicle didn't seem to work properly. It was quite a wet and windy day and the driver did a great job at getting out quickly and stopping the vehicle from rolling away and potentially causing a crash. Then supposedly called for assistance. This got me thinking about the vehicles and how at times recently over the Christmas period I have seen staff working right up into the evening on hot days and I would like to know the following:

1. Number of times that staff have incurred injuries (including due to crashes, incidents, sudden stopping, and any other injury type such as repetitive strain injuries, etc.) including those which are likely due to the use of operating "Paxster" vehicles since 1st Jan 2017.

2. Number of crashes / incidents involving "Paxster" vehicles where damage has occurred to the paxster and/or other people, staff, vehicles, utilities, facilities, buildings, lamp posts, etc.

3. Information pertaining to when it is unsafe to use Paxster vehicles and/or deliver mail due to poor weather, including operating guides and team leader or management process and procedures to identify occasions when mail delivery should be cancelled for staff well being. (The day I witnessed this was a very windy day and lots of flooding on North shore roads and around the upper north island, yet the staff were still out delivering mail in the horrible weather!)

4. I have read a previously supplied "Footpath assessment list" from May 2017 and would like to know further information about Round Profiles on the north shore. The document I read stated somewhere that "Time will be added to the Round Profile to accommodate this." Can you please provide any documentation about the round profiles of rounds on the North Shore?

5. Also any additional information about how long it should take your staff to complete these rounds vs how long it actually takes and how this is monitored and reviewed by management. (Please provide any correspondence or documentations that relates to how managers take into account for days when there is a lot of post to deliver and where there are delays caused by extra pedestrians, wet weather, heavy traffic days - Is there a time factor added to the round profile for variable factors such as these? How does management monitor this?)

6. H & S documentation, including process for managing staff fatigue and / or well being? Especially on hot summer days or wet weather days. Is this monitored by management or up to staff to identify through self checking?

7. How many times have Paxster vehicles "broken down" while staff have been out on their rounds since 1st January 2017.

8. Any additional information you wish to add to the above to support context of request for information about Paxster vehicles (e.g. historic Bike incidents vs Paxster incidents or staff satisfaction survey results that support their well being, etc.)

Yours faithfully,

Katie Torrington

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From: Oia Officer
New Zealand Post Limited

The office is closed from Friday 22 December until Monday 8th January
2018.  We will attend to your request when we return in the New Year. 

This email with any attachments is confidential and may be subject to
legal privilege. If it is not intended for you please reply immediately,
destroy it and do not copy, disclose or use it in any way.

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From: Oia Officer
New Zealand Post Limited

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Dear Katie

Thank you for your request.

Please see attached.


OIA Officer

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