Official Information request - CCTV footage - 110 Reeves Road

CHINHO made this Official Information request to New Zealand Transport Agency

The request was refused by New Zealand Transport Agency.


Dear Auckland Transport,

My car was parked on the road on 108 Reeves Road, Pakuranga Heights, Auckland overnight on 09 July,2017 and my car was being hit and run around 4:30 am. I and my neighbor heard big bang sound and immediately ran out but couldnt see the offending car, and my car was seriously damaged, was crashed up to the kerb and blocked my neighbor's driveway. the offending car should have left side damage at the front since my car was hit at the right bottom back and spinned up to the kerb, the offending car should not be a very big or high car.

Would it be possible to check if you have any CCTV footage of a vehicle fitting this description at the intersection of Reeves road and Gossamer Dr or locations nearby 108 Reeves road to see any suspecious drink or drug driving manner between 4:10 am and 4:40 am on 09 July 2017 since it was a quite straight road and it is rare for this incident. Thanks.

Yours faithfully,

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New Zealand Transport Agency

Thank you for contacting the NZ Transport Agency.  This is an automated
response to confirm we have received your email.   

We aim to reply to your email within 3 working days. If your email is
urgent please call us on one of the following:

o  Motor vehicle licensing 0800 108 809
o  Driver licensing 0800 822 422 
o  Overseas +64 6 9536200
o Tolling 0800 40 20 20

If you need to report a State Highway issue that requires urgent
attention, please call our 24/7 Highway Information Team on 0800 444 449


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From: Official Correspondence
New Zealand Transport Agency

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Dear Chinho


Please find attached the response to your request for information under
the Official Information Act 1982 of 9 July month 2017.




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Governance, Stakeholders and Communications

50 Victoria Street, Private Bag 6995, Wellington 6141, New Zealand 

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