Self Balancing Scooter classification in New Zealand

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From: Tim Easton

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency,

What restrictions are there on the use of Self Balancing Scooters (commonly referred to as 'hoverboards') on public roads and footpaths within New Zealand.

The general characteristics of a Self Balancing Scooter are
1. Two wheeled,
2. electric motor powered (between 500-600 watts),
3. reach a top speed of between 10-20kph, and
4. transport one individual.

Yours faithfully,
Tim Easton
NZ Hoverboards Inc

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New Zealand Transport Agency

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From: NZ Transport Agency
New Zealand Transport Agency

Hello Tim

Thank you for your email about the restrictions on the use of Self
Balancing Scooters.

The following link to the NZ Transport Agency website provides more
information about low-powered vehicles:

Except for the low-powered vehicles listed in the above link, all other
powered vehicles require registration, an appropriate drivers licence and
must meet appropriate equipment and safety standards for the appropriate
class of vehicle.

For a list of vehicle classes and descriptions, please visit the following

Please note that it would be a significant change in current
classification for further small powered vehicles not to be treated as
motor vehicles.  Any change would require considerable investigation and
consultation into the appropriateness of making a change as there are
significant possible risks in Self Balancing Scooters using and sharing
both the footpath and the roadway.

The legislation also requires the Transport Agency to investigate and make
separate determinations for each low-powered vehicle type and model.  At
this point of time, until the Transport Agency receive more information on
the impact, both now and in the future, of increasing the total number of
vehicles declared not to be a motor vehicle and what types of low powered
vehicles could appropriately be delcared not to be a motor vehicle, we are
unable to assist with individual models.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to reply to this email
or call us on 0800 108 809, Monday to Friday, between 8am and 6pm.

Kind Regards

Dan Thomson / Senior Customer Access Representative
Customer Response Team 
NZ Transport Agency
P 0800 108 809 / E [3][NZTA request email] / W [4]
Private Bag 11777, Palmerston North 4442, New Zealand 

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