Chemicals in chemtrails

Shannon Marshall made this Official Information request to Ministry for the Environment

Ministry for the Environment did not have the information requested.

From: Shannon Marshall

Dear Ministry for the Environment,

I would like to know what chemicals are in the chemtrails that are regularly dumped over Christchurch? Can you please advise what agency is dumping them, under what authority they are legally allowed to dump these chemicals, for what purpose, and what is actually in the material being dumped out of their jets on such a regular basis?

I believe it's a health concern for the general public so I would like to know the reasons why they are allowed to dump anything over residential areas.

Yours faithfully,

Shannon Marshall

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From: Ministerials
Ministry for the Environment

Dear Shannon


The Ministry has no evidence of anything other than vapour trails left by
aircraft or clouds formed by natural processes, these would be the
formations you can sometimes see over Christchurch.  For more information
about how these form, please see the Civil Aviation Authority website: New Zealand is not involved
in any programme of geoengineering or atmospheric aerosol solar radiation


The Ministry for the Environment holds no documents relating to your
request. I have therefore refused your request under section 18(e) of the
OIA, as the information does not exist.


Under section 28(3) of the OIA, you have the right to ask the Ombudsman to
review my response to your request.


Kind regards

Executive Relations Team


Executive Relations
Ministry for the Environment – Manatū Mō Te Taiao
Website: [1] 
No.3 The Terrace, PO Box 10362, Wellington 6143


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