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Jane made this Official Information request to Ministry of Defence

The request was partially successful.

From: Jane

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Upon reading the Auckland Council Auckland Plan 2050 document, I knew a year or so ago to expect flooding.

The document was written in 2018, which concerns me that 5 years ago flooding was planned.
According to NIWA, cloud whitening and cloud seeding are used to manipulate the weather.

This article I have linked is from an Environmentalist, claiming HAARP technology is being used and can change weather, induce earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In the section of the Auckland Plan 2050 document “living with nature” it claims that Auckland will be redrawn, and there will be new islands forming in the Gulf

If flooding was planned for Auckland, in order to contaminate water and swoop in with the three waters reform, bring in the new pandemic which is spread via water contamination and will be similar to polio and target children, the weather had to have been geo-engineered to meet this plan.

The next pandemic was practiced by the WHO and Bill and Melinda Gates on October 23 2022 - named Catastrophic Contagion.

The installation of 5G towers and the rippling of clouds the day prior to the Auckland floods links with the description of what HAARP technology does.

Please provide information on whether HAARP is implemented here in NZ?

Yours faithfully,


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Jane left an annotation ()

Just a thought to ask the military/nz defence force if they are flying chemtrails, cloud seeding and geoengineering to manipulate our weather

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Rowan left an annotation ()

I would like to add as well, please release information on any ionospheric heaters that are in use with the intention of affecting New Zealand in any way, shape or form. This includes, but is not limited to direct use in New Zealand, and any other in the world that you are aware of in use that impacts New Zealand.

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From: Information
Ministry of Defence

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Kia ora AP,

Please find the attached response to your Official Information Act request, noting that the Ministry of Defence does not hold any information relevant to your request.

Ngā mihi,
Ministry of Defence

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Ryan left an annotation ()

Does NZ Crown or the defence force collaborate or act in any way with or without any third party in conducting climate and or weather manipulation such as but not limited to cloud seeding, directing frequencies or manipulation of weather in any form in any way?
This is the question we all want answered and the official response here does-not align with mounting evidence to the contrary - are the crown & its agents providing full disclosure & does it hold full informed consent from the natural men & women of the land for any and all operations that affect OUR land air and water quality?

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Susan left an annotation ()

The response to this request from the Ministry of Defence is as opaque as the scrawled signature of the individual who provides it. The Ministry of Defence does not hold any relevant information, it says, so the request is declined. As Chris McCashin's similar request to James Shaw says: ( ) it is not clear what outfit is (or might be) IMPLEMENTING what certainly appears to be the deliberate weather modification of the past couple of months. However, given that it is rather obviously in James Shaw's political interest NOT to comply fully with McCashin's request that he investigate the identity of the agency that is or might be doing this, perhaps it would be more productive for Jane to address her OIA request to NIWA?

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Rowan left an annotation ()

Absolutely. NIWA should be the people to address this to. Given that I have found documentation proving that NIWA has been involved in the deployment of a buoy used by Stanford University, via their research vessel Tangaroa, for the High Frequency Active Auoral Program (HAARP), an ongoing research program utilising ionospheric heating technology. Figure 4 in this document shows Stanford researcher on board the Tangaroa. NIWA - how involved are you with this program??

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