Procedures when officers attend scene with multiple occurances.

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From: Tisian Kereama

Dear New Zealand Police,

On the 25th of February I was a victim of a Hit & Run on the corner of Grahams Rd & Great South Rd in Takanini. I Reside in Conifer Grove Auckland.

The driver who hit us sped away from the scene and 2 officers lady & male arrived in a marked police car, at this stage my vehicle was still on the road from where the impact of car crash had left it along with all my vehicles now missing pieces strewn acrosd the rd.

There were 2 witnesses out of vehicle already speaking to the officers before i got my car to the side of the road and exited to speak to them.

But to no avail as we were completely ignored we tried for 15minutes and at no time had the officers asked if we were okay, needed medical treatment or radio,d and requested another unit or help.

Instead we were shunned to the side while a bystander/witness was questioned in regards to an attempted theft from a store. The bystander/witness was arrested and taken back to the station.

Our main witness could not believe we were being ignored and publicly voiced this to them again at no time were we offered further support or advice we were just simply not answered.

I waited for 15-20minutes before i left.

Witness waited for 30minutes.

I still have not heard back from Police even after leaving, voice messages, emails, ringing 111, and making a complaint online.

So under the official informations act i would like to ask you:

Are Police required to request more units if they arrive on scene to multiple occurances?

How long after a accident should Police contact a victim and follow up with victims and witnesses?

Is there a priority order or importance strategy that attending officers should follow?
Example: Should they prioritise themselfs to a higher importance offence before a lesser offence?

Would a attempted theft from a store by a walking person be of more importance,
Than a vehicle thats been completely smashed into with offending vehicle fleeing the scene at high speeds, with witnesses standing by to talk to police and 3 shocked and upset people in car that has been crashed into?

Should we have been asked if we needed a ambulance to attend the scene or if we needed medical attention?
(As there was a child in our car)

How long will it take for Police to make contact with us?

Why was the offending vehicle not followed or details put through on Police Radios for another police car to follow up?

As the police car was behind us when the accident occured why have they ignored us and not made contact?

What are Police procedures when attending a car crash, hit and run or a crime scene with multiple offenders?

Should they have written my contact details down?

And my witnesses contact details?

Or was our incident of no importance to worry about medical attention, witnesses or contact details?

And lastly if they were actually called out to where the accident occured for a walking man that allegedly stole from a store and they believed the alleged theft was of more importance then should they have informed us they were there for this man and not the crash that had occured?

And should they have stated they will get another unit out to us so we can discuss this with them instead of completely ignoring us and making us (the hit & run into car and witnesses) feel flogged off and of no importance?

I look forward to your reply

1 more thing sorry can i please have a copy/procedures of how to file complaints against nz police?
Pref where to file outside of NZ Police where it will be a outside agency imvestigating and not the police department in question investigating so it can be a fair and no bias investigation.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,


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Tisian Kereama left an annotation ()

Recieved the information via Phone & Apology.

Some information was Private therefor not published.

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From: Tisian Kereama

Dear New Zealand Police,

I received contact via phone, apology and was informed that the police would also make a reply to my official request however for some reason that hasn't happened.
I am also obviously not that thrilled by the way this situation was handled and the fact it has only been updated by myself.
I have however referred this on and am expecting clarity into this situation and others that have been bought to police attention receiving the exact same result as this received......nothing.

Yours faithfully,

Tisian Kereama

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