Sotrmwater Overflow Locations Map

Rob Thomas made this Official Information request to Auckland Council

The request was partially successful.

From: Rob Thomas

Dear Auckland Council,

I request three maps
- stormwater overflow locations within the Waitemata Local Board Area.
- stormwater pipes within the Watiemata Local Board Area
- sewage pipe locations within the Watiemata Local Board Area

Yours faithfully,

Rob Thomas

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Auckland Council

Attachment LGOIMA and Privacy Information Sheet August 2015.pdf
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Dear Mr Thomas

Thank you for your request for information about stormwater overflow maps.

I have attached an information sheet on our processes and requirements under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (The Act)

Please note that part three of your request will be transferred to Watercare under s 12 of the Act, as we believe them to be the holders of this information.
We anticipate that they will be in touch with you soon regarding this.

We will respond to parts one and two within 20 working days of receipt of your request.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact Isis van Geneen on [email address] or 09 301 0101, quoting reference 8140000555.

Kind regards
Leigh Collecutt
Democracy Services
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From: Sarah Parry-Crooke
Auckland Council

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Dear Mr Thomas,


We write to provide a response to the first two questions of your request
about storm water overflow.  Please note question three has been
transferred to Watercare and you will receive a response from them


1. Stormwater overflow locations within the Waitemata Local Board Area.


2. Stormwater pipes within the Waitemata Local Board Area


This information is publically available on the GIS viewer on the Auckland
Council website.


Please type in the specific address you are looking for and then click on
the eye icon, as seen in the diagram below:




Once you have clicked on the eye, the following screen will come up:

Please type in underground in the keywords box, click on go and then click
add for each of the results.




This should bring up the layers – in this case for stormwater – on the map


Please also add the keyword overland flowpath.


Click on the eye icon again, and repeat with the following key words:

·         Catchment

·         Overland flow

·         Flood prone

·         Flood sensate

·         Flood plains


This should bring up all the layers for the areas you are looking for.


If you're experiencing problems with GeoMaps, you can:


·         find instructions on our [4]help guide

·         check a list of [5]supported devices and browsers

·         view a list of [6]supported functions and known issues (PDF


If you have any further queries please feel free to contact me.


Kind regards




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