Provide communication to and from MFAT relating to the request for Iranian Embassy diplomatic parking on Te Anau Road and the assessed security risks posed to residents.

Matt Flannery made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

Response to this request is long overdue. By law New Zealand Police should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Matt Flannery

Dear New Zealand Police,

The New Zealand Police Protection Services have fully endorsed the Iranian Embassy's demand for three diplomatic carparks outside their Embassy at 151 Te Anau Road, Hataitai. Despite there being an official consultation process, MFAT and the Council have now confirmed that the diplomatic carparks have been agreed already through a reciprocal arrangement to provide diplomatic carparks in Tehran. Resident opposition to this proposal is significant due to the existing congestion on the road, traffic safety, the lack of need, the lack of security in all other aspects of the Iranian Embassy, and the apparent security risk confirmed by WCC, MFAT and now the Police.

MFAT received a letter from the New Zealand Police Protection Services supporting the Embassy’s request for additional car parking. The excerpt of the letter which have been provided states, “By designating the whole frontage of 151 Te Anau Road on the Embassy side of the Street as “DC only” parking this would make it impossible for a suspicious vehicle to be left there without it quickly being noticed and reported to Police / WCC. This would significantly enhance safety and security at the venue.”

We understand that the letter and or correspondence was dated within the last 6 months.

1.0 We request a copy of the NZ Police letter sent to MFAT.

2.0 We request a copy of the request from MFAT or the Iranian Embassy to New Zealand Police.

3.0 Was a full security assessment undertaken of the Embassy to identify if the car parking risk is actually a critical security issue relative to the significant existing security deficiencies of the site.

The letter is important as it will confirm the timing of the request and more importantly will allow the quote to be put into context. It appears that some parties (WCC and MFAT) are using the NZ Police response in a selective manner without the scope of the question being revealed.

3.0. We request information on the security risk of the Iranian Embassy being in a residential street in Hataitai.

Wellington City Council have informed us the Police say there is a security risk for the Iranian Embassy. As immediate neighbours we consider that we have a right to understand these security issues.

Yours faithfully,

Matt Flannery

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From: MCMAHON, Teresa
New Zealand Police

Dear Mr Flannery

Your request for information about Communication to and from NZ Police and
MFAT about parking at the Iranian Embassy has been received and is  being
processed under the Official Information Act 1982.

Yours sincerely

Teresa McMahon

Police National Headquarters



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