Re: Application Number: 2160177; Applicant: Julian Batchelor; Property: 147 Rawhiti Road, Te Rawhiti; Impacts on our Wahitapu; Effects on our Whanau Hapu; Irrepairble Damage

Jacqueline Rewha-Clendon made this Official Information request to Far North District Council

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Far North District Council should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Jacqueline Rewha-Clendon

Dear Far North District Council,

Far North District Council

Te Tai Tokerau

To Whom It May Concern

I would like to lay a formal complaint on behalf of Ngatikuta Patukeha, Te Rawhiti regarding this "HIGH PRIORITY MATTER"

1/. My whanaunga Kate Raue & I have made numerous & constant requests both verbally and in writing via email correspondence to the Council for: all important information plans & reports; all consents applied for whether granted or not; to this day "WE HAVE RECIEVED NOTHING WITH NO GOOD EXPLANATION' other than the "Applicant has failed to provide"

2/. Please stop delaying and provide all relevant and important information as requested!

3/. Wayne Smith has requested I identify what the issues are again, but I would request again that the requested info is sent to us as soon as possible; it is imperative for our Hapu as a collective to make a well informed decision based on all relevant information available to us; therefore we demand this information in the first instance!

4/. Until we obtain all that info we will not be identifying any more issues with you other than those already stated mainly the environmental impacts and cultural impacts and effects on our Wahi Tapu Whanau Hapu & now we have concerns & other issues about the way FNDC have failed to protect our Te Tiriti Rights and this consent process in regards to this application!

5/. FNDC fail to accept that Julian Batchelor has not consulted with our Hapu or Resource Management Unit despite our imploring this is so; that Mr Batchelor singled out two individuals in our community "whom he recognised as representative of our Hapu" and has passed this off as being "consultation"! We have had no consultation nor have we given any verbal or written consent what so ever to Mr Julian Batchelor!

I look forward to your prompt response in reply

Heoi ano Na Jacqueline Rewha

(Tangata Kaitiaki/RMU)

Yours faithfully, Jacqueline

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Can not add any follow up / comments as comments have been turned off to avoid spam ???

No response to request

Have filed a complaint to the ombudsmen

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Will make a new request specifically for the property file;
all consents applied/issued/consented & approved;
Monitoring & compliance
Basically everything on file that is public information!

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