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Marc Duff made this Official Information request to Christchurch City Council

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From: Marc Duff

Dear Christchurch City Council,

In view of the meeting minutes around the process procedure for the new CEO

Update on Appointing a Chief Executive

3.5 The Council is currently in the process of appointing a new Chief Executive.

3.6 The Chief Executive Performance and Employment Committee (the Committee) is responsible for leading the management of the recruitment process for a permanent Chief Executive with decisions going to Council at key points in that process.

3.7 In March 2024, the Council received an update from the Mayor outlining the next two steps in the process (CNCL/2024/00033 refers), namely that the:

3.7.1 Council would workshop and agree on a job description and person specification; and

3.7.2 Committee would appoint a recruiter.

3.8 In May 2024, the Council agreed to a job description and person specification following a workshop with the Mayor and Councillors in April 2024 (CNCL/2024/00047 Refers).

3.9 In June 2024, the Committee appointed Sheffield as the recruiter after requester detailed proposals from a select number of specialist recruitment agencies. The Mayor advised the Councillors and Community Board Chairs of this on behalf of the Committee in June.

3.10 Going forward, the timeline for recruitment looks as follows, noting this may be subject to change:

3.10.1 July – Search, screening and marketing

3.10.2 August – Assessment of candidates

3.10.3 September – Council workshop for consideration of candidates

3.10.4 October – Appointment made and announced

Refer reference to 3.10.1 and 3.10.2 what if any involvement will any Christhchurch City Council staff or Councillors partike in and if so whom?

My question is based around that we have spent considerable expense in hiring for CEO's in recent events only has ratepayers being burdened with a pay out when their employement is finished. What confidence can ratepayers have in Recruitment Agencies putting forward people that are suitable for the role and that will work. Hence what operation will City Council staff or some Councillors be used from the first step to make sure we are getting the right people put forward who are working at the coalface and really understand local government.

Yours faithfully,

Marc Duff

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From: Official Information
Christchurch City Council

Kia Ora,

Thank you for your email.

We are handling your request under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA). We have forwarded it to the appropriate Christchurch City Council staff, and we will provide a response or update within 20 working days of the date we received your request. If we are unable to respond to your request by then, we will notify you of an extension of that timeframe.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me. If any additional factors come to light which are relevant to your request, please do not hesitate to contact me so that these can be taken into account.

If you have not had a reply within 10 working days please email us at [Christchurch City Council request email]

Kind regards,

Sean Rainey
Manager Official Information

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