POL268 Police document as completed by Cherie Elisabeth McLean

Sandra Heke made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

From: Sandra Heke

Dear Miss Tracey Moran - (In charge of Pukekohe Police Exhibits Store)

Request copy of POL268

Workplace Death of Murray Ian Christensen at 590 Koheroa Road, Mercer on 11/11/11

We request a copy of the above Document which was completed by Sergeant Cherie Elisabeth McLean as advised on her Officer's Evidential Statement dated 31/1/12. She states that "A POL268 was completed and the deceased's property was seized. The property included: gumboots, socks, shorts, t-shirt, metallic bracelet, wrist watch and a mobile phone. All property was secured in the Pukekohe Exhibits Store"

Yours faithfully,

Sandra Heke

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