POL268 Police document as completed by Cherie Elisabeth McLean

Sandra Heke made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

From: Sandra Heke

Dear Senior Sergeant Gaylene Rogers

Request copy of POL268

Workplace Death of Murray Ian Christensen at 590 Koheroa Road,
Mercer on 11/11/11

We have been in contact with Cherie Elisabeth McLean who advises you were her O/C at the time of this workplace death on 11/11/11 at 590 Koheroa Road, Mercer.

We request a copy of the above Document which was completed by
Sergeant Cherie Elisabeth McLean as advised on her Officer's
Evidential Statement dated 31/1/12. She states that "A POL268 was
completed and the deceased's property was seized. The property
included: gumboots, socks, shorts, t-shirt, metallic bracelet,
wrist watch and a mobile phone. All property was secured in the
Pukekohe Exhibits Store"

We require a full explanation and documents to support whether the t-shirt was secured in the Pukekohe Exhibits Store as stated in Cherie Elisabeth McLeans Evidential Statement or not as outlined in the Initial Report for Coroner which states, "All property (except t-shirt) was seized and taken to Pukekohe Exhibit Store". Please explain the different statements and which was correct and provide documents of proof to support the correct statement.

We require a full explanation of where Murray's green jumper went. It was clearly alongside Murray's body in the Official Police Photos. Please provide full details of where the green jumper was secured and if it wasn't, why wasn't it when it is noted on the Initial Report for Coroner "that it is imperative that the NCO is satisfied with the scene. If there are suspicious circumstances freeze the scene and call CIB".

The Initial Report for Coroner states Suspicious Death: No. Please then explain, why an Attending Supervisor/CIB Investigator - Senior Sergeant Ian Brenchley took over from Cherie Elisabeth McLean, as Incident Controller as outlined in Cherie Elisabeth McLean's Officer's Evidential Statement Continuation Form. So why was Senior Sergeant Ian Brenchley there when it clearly states "NO" under Suspicious Circumstances, and why then wasn't the scene frozen if the green jumper and t-shirt are missing and not secured in the Pukekohe Exhibits Store?

Please explain why Senior Sergeant Ian Brenchley never completed an Officer's Evidential Statement himself. Or if he did complete an Evidential Statement or other documentation, including notes, we officially request copies of those under the Official Information Act.

We require a full explanation as to why the Initial Report for Coroner has under Fatal Death: NO. Please provide all information and copies of documents which support that this was NOT a fatal death at 590 Koheroa Road, Mercer, or if this was a false statement, please give details and a clear explanation as to the reasons for this false declaration on an Official Document for the Coroner. Please advise whether a new document for the Coroner has to be completed as this is a false declaration?

Yours faithfully,

Sandra Heke

Yours faithfully,

Sandra Heke

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