Request for OIA process guidelines, SOP, precedents or similar

Harris Leigh made this Official Information request to Radio New Zealand Limited

The request was refused by Radio New Zealand Limited.

From: Harris Leigh

Dear Radio New Zealand Limited,

Last month I requested under the OIA "copies of any internal guidance documents you have relating to responding to OIA requests".

You refused to provide this information on the basis that it doesn't exist.

This cannot be correct. You must have some internal policy documents, process guides, standing operating procedures, precedent documents or the like that assist in responding to OIA requests. Before proceeding with a formal complaint to the Ombudsman relating to that refusal, although reserving my right to do so, I seek under the OIA:

Any internal policy documents, process guides, standing operating procedures, precedent documents, letters, files notes, emails, sms messages, encrypted messaging service messages, carbon copies, any information you hold on how to respond to OIA requests.

Yours faithfully,

Harris Leigh

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From: Maggie Hedge
Radio New Zealand Limited

Good morning

RNZ acknowledges receipt of your OIA request. Under the Official Information Act 1982 we have 20 working days to respond, and will contact you via email /post. If for any reason our response is delayed due to illness, or pandemic we will advise immediately.

Kind regards
Maggie Hedge| OIA Administrator RNZ
[email address]

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Cody C left an annotation ()

Ironic that they did not reply on time to this request. May be worth a follow-up?

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Luke C left an annotation ()

RNZ are very poor at responding to OIA requests within timeframes. My suggestion is you should complain to the Ombudsman on the basis that a lack of response is deemed a refusal.

Given that RNZ has been in the news this past week for inappropriate editing of wire service stories, RNZ's processes, guidelines, SOPs, etc for managing OIA requests will now be more relevant if anyone wishes to request more information about matters relating to the inapporpriate editing.

If you do complain, could you please update this page so we can all keep track of developments?

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From: Harris Leigh

Dear Maggie Hedge,

Please note the law required you to respond to this request over a month ago. It is a simple request for your process guidelines, standard operating procedures etc for dealing with OIA requests. This does not require extensive research on your part or third party consultation. Please simply provide these documents.

Yours sincerely,

Harris Leigh

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From: George Bignell
Radio New Zealand Limited

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Kia ora Harris


I must apologise for overlooking replying to your request below.


To reiterate our first response, RNZ does not hold any documents of the
nature you requested.  We do refer to external resources such as those
available at the Ombudsman's Office website, e.g.



As we are required to do, this message is to also advise you that our
response to your request can be referred to the Ombudsman’s Office for
review under s 28 (3) of the Official Information Act if you wish.


Kind regards


George Bignell | Legal Adviser and Procurement Manager



DDI +64 4 474 1424 | [mobile number]





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Connor C left an annotation ()

Part of me is not surprised they don't have OIA procedures.

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