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D J Blair made this Official Information request to Department of Internal Affairs

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From: D J Blair

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

I write with 6 questions, set out and numbered below that surfaced after I recently ordered and received copies of my birth certificate and source documents as resource material for an art show that I was working towards.

They should be simple if indeed you have answers, it looks to be a long request but most of it is backstory,so thank you in advance for taking time to hear my request.

What I have noticed within the documents is an anomaly, and then some. Firstly, my attention was grabbed by the fact that I seemed to be listed in the column as stillborn.

This encouraged greater scrutiny which uncovered that in reality according to the three birthing documents, two persons were born, the flesh and blood living baby Dennis John and Dennis John Blair who is fiction and the state hold title to.

Of course I Googled this 'birth certificate anomoly' and was overwhelmed at the amount of information, or should I say misinformation available surrounding the birth certificate.

There seems to be a well-established conspiracy around this matter, much of it being hearsay, assumption, and the few pieces I read included information that contradicted another.

I only believe what I can verify for myself, so aren’t too influenced by the theories of others, however, there are some real issues here as I understand. In the first instance my parents being good standing, honest people, were lead to believe this application was mandatory and they were not given full disclosure of the nuances and the implications thereafter.

1) What are the legal implications when one is born into a position of assumption before being fully cognoscente? Unknowingly contracted by actors with full undisclosed knowledge and no forewarning?.

I am writing in honour and good faith to try and make sense out of this, I have seen and heard this morning on the internet, via a few website where people claim that money exists in trust and that everyone is entitled to it. I would like to make it known that until recently I was unaware of such groups and their alleged claims that sound unlawful to me. I don’t affiliate myself nor support any movement of this nature, in fact I have no hidden agenda or affiliation to any organisation, nor do I seek at any point to benefit financially from the subject of this personal enquiry. I am not a conspiracy theorist, even though this seems to be one

My deep concern is with regard to this hidden legal entity that the state created and holds the title to. I was never informed about this duality that is apparent. In fact I was encouraged/ made to use this fictional name that I had no right to use every day, presuming from infancy that it related to, and was infused into my identity as the name of a breathing, conscious man.

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." This is from the book we take oath on in our courts, it must be of higher thought.
I hope you know this is saying no entity other than the creator stands above me!

With wisdom, good intent and of sound mind I understand that, the living man should be identified as: Dennis John, and it is, in fact, illegal for me to use the name or title Dennis John Blair, Mr D J BLAIR, BLAIR Dennis John, DENNIS JOHN BLAIR, in any and all formats, as to do so knowingly is considered fraud. I believe that for one to remain silent upon awareness of such knowledge is also illegal. It is not my intent to cause any dissent or try to avoid my responsibilities as an honourable man under common law. I am a law abiding man of good standing and only wish to live in peace and harmony with my neighbours and cause no harm or loss. My reason for this letter is not based in any form of ill will, just a desire to comprehend the situation at hand, how and why it has presented itself, and to find a remedy to the dilemma that unless I'm mistaken has far reaching consequences.

Dennis John the living man with links to the spiritual, the conceptual and the physical is not a person, a title, a human, a citizen, a corpse, an imbecile a ward or a thing and hence, with my free will I am competent to handle my affairs from this day on. I propose to claim a right to withdraw consent to all /any contracts entered into unwittingly under the name/title of DENNIS JOHN BLAIR.
2) Can you please inform me in what format you would like this presented, ie: affidavit, claim or declaration?

There must be trust in a system, in a society as you say, so I ask another question going forward
3) How do I proceed in life now, either within or outside a society that considers me a thing, when I know who I am?
A sentient being of this land mass and this planet, I come from the divine creator with all my god given rights as I was made in his image.

4)Please let me know if my wish to avoid breaking any laws is unreasonable or unfounded by clear definition and in terms a common man can understand.?

With great respect I want to make clear it is not my intention to accuse any individual of wrong and I don’t assume liability rests with the current agents as it is clearly a long standing anomaly or deception.

I say deception in hope that there has been a terrible error many years ago that seems to have made its way onto all Government and Judicial forms.
5) I am raising the question after reading The Chicago styles manual, as to how ASL American sign language came into use along side english?
One could successfully argue that these symbols, with no formal meaning or relationship to the written language we know as English are a form of Glosser or Gloss. This means to give a deceptively good appearance to a thing. There is good reason for styles manuals, their purpose is to remove all doubt and ambiguity regarding grammar, usage and format of citations.

By definition this is Dog Latin, considered to be the language of the illiterate, it is a debased Latin, debased meaning immoral, abandoned and perverted. Criminal.

My logic concludes that these hieroglyphs ‘JOHN DOE’ are added to documents and 99% of the population assume they can read the words, believe it is English when according to the text books it is not and has no jurisdiction with any of the other copy on that page.
6) With this in mind, I ask you do your research and let me know if this means that most of the court documents, legal notices and government offers and demands are all just pieces of art, illegible and open to interpretation?

I ask that you please reply with clarification on these important matters within ten days as I am quite distressed holding this knowledge and the uncertainty it creates for me and my loved ones. It is a very serious matter if I have been a ward of/property of the state my entire 50+ years on earth, and it's not a selfish thought as I will not be the only one, so I wait for a prompt response. Peace.

Yours faithfully,

Dennis John

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From: OIA
Department of Internal Affairs

Attachment False claims about birth certificates.pdf
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Tēnā koe,

Thank you for your correspondence. You do not appear to have requested any official information that is currently held by the Department of Internal Affairs. As set out by the Ombudsman in his guidance document 'The OIA for Ministers and Agencies' on page 6 , agencies are under no obligation to create new information or to form an opinion in order to answer questions posed under the Official Information Act.

We would suggest that, in respect of your questions 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6, you should speak with a solicitor or legal advisor, as they will be best placed to advise you in respect of legal status and obligations

In regard to question 2, we can clarify that the format of such a declaration is not important, as it would carry no legal effect in respect of the legislation administered by the Department.

I refer you to information the Department has published online in relation to false claims about birth certificates, which can be found on the Births, Deaths and Marriages webpage on the govt nz website. For your convenience I have attached a copy of the part of the webpage of relevance, and the PDF document it links to. You can also find the address of the webpage at the bottom of the first page of the document.

Ngā mihi

Michelle Reed | Lead Advisor – Official Correspondence 
Te Urungi - Organisational Strategy and Performance
Te Tari Taiwhenua - The Department of Internal Affairs
45 Pipitea St | PO Box 805, Wellington 6140, New Zealand |

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From: D J Blair

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

Thanks for your reply, I'm sorry I have misunderstood the process of the OIA and will be more direct with my questions, which are important to my life, although after reading the act, it is clear that there are a multitude of reasons to withold information written into the act that the whole process seems to be more about keeping up the appearance of fairness and transparency more than actively operating in openness per se. Looking through the online requests it struck me that any requests of significant interest level are denied or information not held. It is a shame that government employees can not respond in their private capacity, it's like an attempt has been made to remove any human ethics, morals and conscience from the answers.
Let me ask again then:
1) Why is ASL (all upper case names) used on government documents when the styles manuals are clear about it?
The “GLOSSA” is the all uppercase LATIN-TEXT appearing on any document. It is not English, it is an illustrative text (Picture-Symbol) and not a descriptive text such as English. It has no jurisdiction with other written text such as English Descriptive Text unless agreed. It is a deception, is it not? Blacks law dictionary describes it as dog-latin, language of the illiterate, debased and criminal.Immoral.
2) Why is the childs name entered onto the printout as stillborn?
3) Is a cestui que trust set up in the name on the birth certificate?
4) Why does the birth certificate have a warning: This certificate is not evidence of the identity of the person presenting it?
5) If it is not evidence of identity why is it the required document by banks to open an account?
6) If this BC is not evidence of my living identity is it evidence of a corporate fiction?
Thank you for taking the time to address these questions.

Yours faithfully,

D J Blair

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From: OIA
Department of Internal Affairs

Tēnā koe D J Blair,

Thank you for your OIA request to the Department of Internal Affairs (included with this email)

The Department will provide its response to your request as soon as practicable and within twenty working days.  The 20th working day is 02 December 2019

Please note that in cases where the Department’s response provides information that is identified to be of general public interest, the response may also be published on the Department of Internal Affairs website.  If the Department publishes its response to your OIA request, all personal information, including your name and contact details, will be removed.

Ngā mihi

Michelle Reed | Lead Advisor – Official Correspondence 
Te Urungi - Organisational Strategy and Performance
Te Tari Taiwhenua - The Department of Internal Affairs
45 Pipitea St | PO Box 805, Wellington 6140, New Zealand |

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From: Alysha Stevenson
Department of Internal Affairs

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Good afternoon D J Blair


Please refer to attached for the response to your Official Information Act


Kind regards



Alysha Stevenson | Advisor Official Correspondence

SDO Branch Development and Support Te Waka Aukaha   

The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua   
45 Pipitea Street | PO Box 805, Wellington 6143|  [1]  





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