A Consensus every 7years?

Angela made this Official Information request to Department of Internal Affairs

This request has been reported as needing administrator attention (perhaps because it is vexatious, or a request for personal information)

From: Angela

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

Please provide all documentation, emails, notes, memos recorded, and or written that pertain to the consensus that is sent out every 7years, that assumes a person deceased and where no families members have claimed the deeds of that individual, which then gives legal excuse to the CROWN to claim the estate of that individual?

Native Right Holders are conveyed on paper as the ORIGINAL issue from the whenua taonga tuku iho, we are not TRUST property, yet that is what we are being conveyed as, because the use of the word RES-ident is a Trust term, The phrase Estate Trust let’s you know that the Certificate of Live Birth is a Trust (res) that identifies an estate.

An identifiable thing, part of a district, not a man, woman or child.

Corporations being legal fictions, do not work loss or injury to any man; it is man often in the name of a legal fiction, who works loss injury to man.

It is one thing to create a legal fiction about One, and another to deny the existence of this legal fiction.

Yours faithfully,


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From: Angela

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

By law you are required to respond to Official information Act requests within 20days and acknowledge that the request has been made.

Please provide all documentation, emails, notes, memos recorded, and or written that pertain to the consensus that is sent out every 7years, that assumes a person deceased and where no families members have claimed the deeds of that individual, which then gives legal excuse to the CROWN to claim the estate of that individual?

Native Right Holders are conveyed on paper as the ORIGINAL issue from the whenua taonga tuku iho, we are not TRUST property, yet that is what we are being conveyed as, because the use of the word RES-ident is a Trust term, The phrase Estate Trust let’s you know that the Certificate of Live Birth is a Trust (res) that identifies an estate.

Only a TRUST can produce Residents.

Yours faithfully,


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From: SDO Official Correspondence
Department of Internal Affairs

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Kia ora Angela


Please find attached the response to your Official Information Act


Ngā mihi


Huey Lim| Advisor Official Correspondence
Te Pāhekoheko, Kāwai ki te iwi | Operations, Service Delivery and

Te Tari Taiwhenua  The Department of Internal Affairs
7 Waterloo Quay, Wellington




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From: Angela

KIa ora Julia Taylor,

Thank you for your departments responses to my repeated requests for information, your efforts when made in good faith are appreciated beyond measure, bless you all!

i would like to apologise for any anxiety caused, leading to the belief my requests for information are vexatious, however i am understandably not happy about the FALSE STATEMENTS that stand to be amended in your system because of the legal consequences that exist as a result of the FALSE STATEMENTS.

I would like to correct your misunderstanding you have made here:

I want to take this opportunity to reiterate that New Zealand birth certificates:
• are not linked to bonds or financial institutions
• only have reference numbers on the back for internal use by the Department — these
are not shared with other agencies
• cannot usually be used on their own as proof of identity

By way of the following evidence for and ON THE PUBLIC RECORD:

Notice and Caveat:
i Angela Kay Arikinui am who I say I am and specifically object to, and take exception to any and all presumptive process that alleges otherwise.

Any process, CIVIL OR CRIMINAL that alleges my natural being to identify with any form or alteration of my given name Angela Kay for the express purpose to acquire or gain personal jurisdiction by artifice and/or constructive fraud, is summarily challenged forthwith and thereby notes the burden of proof lies
with the party or parties seeking to compel subrogation or traverse to any and all jurisdictions by Angela Kay Arikinui and by their nature, such civil or criminal process under copyright law are limited to the procedural due process of actual controversies of fictitious parties.

Absent full and complete disclosure of the explicit purpose to acquire personal jurisdiction of the Master/authorized representative Angela Kay Arikinui in lieu of the named or fictitious/represented party in fact, fraud will be presumed and dealt with accordingly.

Background to the affair:

When a child is born within the corporate New Zealand, a Record of Live Birth form (a commercial Bill of Lading), or similar, is issued by the hospital.

The father and mother sign this hospital form (a receipt for goods) as the parents (manufacturer) and title holders (owners) of the goods (child).

The transfer of the property Rights (the child's Rights) to the State is accepted by the signature of their government agent, a State licensed Physician.

The parents have unknowingly pledged their child's future and labours to the government and signed a presumed contract.
This converts the legal status of their child to that of chattel property in permanently indentured servitude

The State becomes the de facto holder of the Rights to the child (collateral).

Next, the hospital sends the Record of Live Birth to the State BDM, sometimes called the department of Health and vital statistics.

Each district is required to supply the government with birth, death, and health statistics.

The State agency that receives the Record of Live Birth (title) keeps it and then issues a Birth Certificate (BC).
The BC is a commercial instrument (document) evidencing that the State is holding the title (ownership) to the child.
Holding the title is not the same as having possession of the property, so the State is the "holder" of the instrument but not the "holder in due course".

This is all based on the presumed acceptance of the contract (Record of Live Birth) between the manufacturer (parents) and the purchaser (State).

The parents are not aware of this assumed contract because it was never revealed to them nor was full disclosure made in good faith, so they don't object to what they don't know.

The current holder of your commercial birth document (receipt) is able to capitalize on it because of your failure to instruct the holder to do otherwise, due to your silence and lack of legal action.

cer•tif•i•cate, noun. Middle English certificat, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin certificatum, from Late Latin, neuter of certificatus, past participle of certificare, to certify, 15th century. 3 : a document evidencing ownership or debt. (Merriam Webster Dictionary 1998).

The word "registered" , in commercial law, does not mean that your name was merely noted in a registry or book for reference purposes.
When a Birth Certificate is registered with the NZ Department of Commerce or MBIE, it means that the child's persona named on it has become a surety or guarantor as collateral for a commercial loan.

Security, bond. (Merriam-Webster' s Dictionary of Law 1996).

Security. 1a: Something (as a mortgage or collateral) that is provided to make certain the fulfillment of an obligation. Example: used his property as security for a loan. 1b: "surety". 2: Evidence of indebtedness, ownership, or the right to ownership.

Bond. 1a: A usually formal written agreement by which a person undertakes to perform a certain act (as fulfill the obligations of a contract) ...with the condition that failure to perform or abstain will obligate the person ...to pay a sum of money or will result in the forfeiture of money put up by the person or surety. 1b: One who acts as a surety. 2: An interest-bearing document giving evidence of a debt issued by a government body or corporation that is sometimes secured by a lien on property and is often designed to take care of a particular financial need.

Surety. The person who has pledged him or herself to pay back money or perform a certain action if the principal to a contract fails, as collateral, and as part of the original contract. (Duhaime's Law Dictionary).
1: a formal engagement (as a pledge) given for the fulfillment of an undertaking. 2: one who promises to answer for the debt or default of another. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, however, a surety includes a guarantor, and the two terms are generally interchangeable. (Merriam-Webster' s Dictionary of Law 1996).

Guarantor. A person who pledges collateral for the contract of another, but separately, as part of an
independently contract with the obligee of the original contract. (Duhaime's Law Dictionary).

It's not difficult to see that a Birth Certificate is a document evidencing debt the moment it's issued.

This is how it works: Once each State has registered, by commercial bulk transfer, the Birth Certificates with the N.Z Department of Commerce or similar department, the NZ Department of the Treasury then issues Treasury Securities in the form of Treasury Bonds, Notes, and Bills using the BC's as sureties or guarantors for these purported Securities.

This means that the bankrupt corporate NZ can guarantee to the purchasers of their Securities the lifetime labor of all New Zeaanders as collateral for payment.

Isn't it nice to know that when you were born, within days you became the collateral for corporate NZ debt-loans through the assumed contract your parents thought was nothing more than a Record of Live Birth?

But wait... the chain of events gets even more interesting.

Who purchases these Treasury Securities?

See Memorandum in Support of:

THE DISCERNMENT OF NAMES/Names and PERSONS, natural and otherwise.

Name: Nothing should be rashly changed {Nil temere novandum; Jenk. Cent. Cas. 16 3};

Names of things ought to be understood according to common usage, not according to the opinions of individuals {Non ex opinionibus singulorum, sed ex communi usi, nomina exaudiri debent};

Records are vestiges of antiquity and truth {Recorda sunt vestigia vetustatis et veritatis};

Cf. ORS40.135(r) (Rule 311) (A person is the same person if the name is identical.);
State v. Garrett, 281 Or 281,574 P2d 639 But is not necessarily, representative of the natural person (1978) (Literal identity of names is necessary to trigger presumption of identity of persons so as to present prima facie case, and mere similarity of names, without additional corroborating evidence, will not support finding of identity of persons. );

Monroe Cattle Co. v. Becker , 147 U.S. 47, 58, 37 L. ed. 72, 13 Sup. Ct. Rep. 217 (1893) (Defendant was impleaded by the name of A. W. Becker. Initials are no legal part of a name, the authorities holding the full Christian name to be essential. Wilson v. Shannon, 6 Ark. 196; Norris v. Graves, 4 Strob. 32; Seely v. Boon, 1 N. J. Law, 138; Chappell v. Proc tor, Harp. 49; Kinnersley v. Knott, 7 C. B. 980; Turner v. Fitt, 3 C. B. 701; Oa kley v. Pegler, (Neb .) 46 N. W. Rep. 920; Knox v. Starks, 4 Minn. 20, (Gil. 7;)
Kenyon v. Semon, (Minn.) 45 N. W. Rep. 10; Beggs v. Wellman, 82 Ala. 391, 2 Sou th. Rep. 877; Nash v. Collier, 5 Dowl. & L. 341; Fewlass v. Abbott, 28 Mich. 270 .);


Designatio unius est exclusio alterius, et expressum facit cessare tacitum.
The appointment or designation of one is the exclusion of another; and that expressed makes that which is implied to cease. Coke, Litt. 210. Cf. Affirmatio unius ex clusio est alterius;Alteration;
(if child is dead, please place here) CREATING A DEAD ENTITY ON PAPER.
Designation; Enumeratio unius est exclusio alterius;
Expressio unius personæ est exclusio alterius; Expressum facit cessare tacitum;

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus;Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius;
Misnomer; Patent ambiguity; Spoliation; Variance; Burgin v. Forbes, 293 Ky. 456, 169 S .W.2d, 321, 325 (The certain designation of one person is an absolute exclusionof all others.);
Expressio unius personæ est exclusio alterius. The mention of one person is the exclusion of another.
SED VIDE: Ex multitudine signorum, colligitur identitas vera.
From a great number of signs or marks, true identity is gathered or made up.

Identitas vera colligitur ex multitudine signorum. True identity is collected from a multitude of signs.
Præsentia corporis tollit errorem nominis, et veritas nominis tollit errorem demon strationis.

The presence of the body cures the error in the name; the truth of the name cures an error in the description. Bacon’s Max. Reg. 25.

The birth record with all caps is the dead version. ANGELA KAY.

Actually it is a DEATH Certificate.

It was created because the acknowledgement form for parents was not returned.

Nihil tam naturale est, qu m eo genere quidque dissolvere, quo colligatum est-- It is very natural that an obligation should not be dissolved but by the same principles which were observed in contracting it.

Qui evertit causam, evertit causatum futurum-- He who overthrows the cause, overthrows its future effects.

Sublata causa tollitur effectus-- Remove the cause and the effect will cease.

Cujusque rei potissima pars principium est-- The principal part of everything is in the beginning.



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