Financing statement - Birth Certificates

tnga (Account suspended) made this Official Information request to The Treasury

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From: tnga (Account suspended)

Dear The Treasury,

A posted notice was sent to Grant Robertson's electoral office 220 Willis Street Wellington, which contained a Financing Statement, placing a lien against the Documents of Titles, meaning the BIRTH CERTIFICATES.

Having a security interest in the title that you hold, the equity title sourced from the Particular for registration of birth document, protected by the Registrar General. This letter was then sent on to Treasury as confirmed by a member of his office.

I know what is going on with the birth certificates, I have 5 photo copied birth documents, which were found through an OIA, which I did not know existed.

However there seems to be more certificates created.

If these documents exist, then accounts have to exist. The financing statement is a registered document confirming those accounts.

I already know why birth certificates have surnames upon it, I already know that the first document Particulars for Registration of Birth or the BDM 27 which is the source that records the infant only requires the first and christian name and that the document is registrered usually 3 weeks after being signed making the registered date your real date of birth.

A courtesy notice, declaration of standing, financing statement, recognition of the Declaration of Independence flag 1835, full description of NZ flag, ensign and naval flag, having no jurisdiction to our sovereign state, security agreement, commonlaw copyright agreement, private agreement, hold-harmless indemnity agreement between myself and the debtor will be sent out in the year 2020 to these people acting as agents:
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
Foreign Affairs: Winston Peters
Minister of Internal Affairs: Tracy Martin
Minister of Police: Stuart Nash
Chief Justice of the Supreme court: Helen Winkleman
Commissioner of Inland Revenue: Naomi Fergusson
Minister of Social Development: Carmel Sepuloni
Minister of Acc: Iain-Lees Galloway
Treasury: Chief Executive: Caralee McLiesh
Minister of LINZ: Eugenie Sage in their private capacity to this corporation Government trade name: HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND.

All instruments containing anyone's signature upon it, is always endorsed, deposited to the Centralised Securities Depository, securitized, dematerialised before been sold out to the stock market exchange in return for proceeds.

Is this a lawful action to do against a living sovereign without their consent. Does the Treasury think they have the legal right to do this, maybe with a corporation or an entity, or a company, but never with a living sovereign where there is no agreement personally between us and you.

You will be revealed by notice my full declaration of standing, coming from the dead to the living.

The original birth certificates were lawfully deposited back to the Department of Internal Affairs, enclosed notices informing them to close all accounts, in 2016. Notices now have to be served to all you agents acting as employees of this Government, to cease and desist what you are doing, that all the proceeds you have benefited from at the total loss of the sovereign.

The Government cannot operate without real people, there can be no loans borrowed from the IMF without having collateral or surety to back it. Living people have no debts, they made no signed agreements face to face and did not personally ask agents acting for the Government to borrow millions and billions of currency on our behalf. And if the birth certificates class eveyone that is in possession of it as stillbirths, entities, then how can you possibly get loans, through documents that reveal a dead thing.

It is because real people have to actually acknowledge that dead entity on paper, I do not acknowlege that fraudulent birth certificate.

You agents acting as Treasury shall cease and desist and close all accounts, the accounts meaning the birth certificate registration serial numbers, cancel all CUSIP numbers, the number at the back of the certificate, those accounts.

I also wanted to share, that I am a really big fan of Donald Trump, I can see his vision, he is such a smart man, and has one of the biggest super powers in this world. He is absolutely right peace in the world and not globalisation, he is dead against fake media, yet we have it here in NZ, how dreadful. However Treasury your game is up, there is no point denying it to people who are fully aware, awake and connected.

yours faithfully,

tina-marie-kahurangi: on the record no surname on the record.

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Paydn$$ left an annotation ()

Another true birth certificate question they won’t answer nice mahi 🙏

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Ryan left an annotation ()

I am also researching this and am wondering why my birth, IRD, marriage & dissolution certificate numbers are all listed as paper bonds when the serial number & issue date is keyed into the US gov website along with that of my children’s birth registration numbers using the registration date not day they were born - the day they were registered on the sec. as a govt paper bond complete with maturity date and interest rates depending on denomination selected.

The gov appears to have lodged these certificates as bonds where you can select the bond type (I. EE and savings bonds are on this platform) - try it out using the little calculator icon in the middle of the home page, search parameters based on issue date and it’s all there… so let’s talk about this.

Asking questions as living individuals as we are principal and it appears the govt is administering Our affairs without Our full informed consent.

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