Foreign Situs Trust created without CONSENT!!!

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From: Angela

Dear Ministry of Justice,

To 'certify' is to testify to in writing: to make known or establish as a fact.

The word is not essential to a 'certificate'. State v. Schwin, 65 Wis. 213 (1886).

By looking at the defamations and cite above, it's clear that a certificate is a document, issued by a public officer, i.e., the government, to substantiate a fact of legal privilege.

The New Zealand Government disdains the people by denying evidence of the creation of a Trust by way of this process, because to admit to it would mean the agents of the state carrying out this criminal action are operating as criminals, and engaged in unjust enrichment.

The application that was made by my mum and dad was known as “an application for a live birth certificate” and what issued from this application was known as a “birth certificate” This created what is known as a “foreign situs trust account”.

In contrast, to certify, as in a certified copy, is to attest as to the truth in the manner of a confirmation by witness signatures and seals before Almighty God.

It is the birth certificate that is proof that an application was submitted.

It is the application that is the real negotiable instrument and the birth certificate proves there is a negotiable instrument being used in commerce -- to borrow money.

So the rg9 and the rg27 have given no authority to the state as the state required mum and dad to deliberately record in all capitals the entire application, only on the instructions of the Papakura Registrar operating at the time, as my son was born in the same district and i will swear before almighty God i was told to record in all capitals.

Please can MOJ Papakura provide the permission and consent to the creation of the Birth Certificate and Foreign Situs Trust that arose out of the live birth registration process that mum and dad were coerced into on July 21, 1968?

Please can MOJ Papakura provide the LIVE birth book entry of August 30, 1968 whereby a living child was recorded and not some other entity with which the state unlawfully creates joinder

Mum is still alive to certify and verify she did not give permission to any of these corrupted creations, she did not sign over her living child to the state in consideration of any benefits, she did not agree to her child being a slave of a statutory entity because only Divine Creator is where we descend from, and on this whenua taonga tuki iho i Am that (which) I Am and ascend to Sovereign Maori Chieftain without any authority above me!

How dare you presume to be My Creator!!!

Please prove your authority over living men and women of this whenua, you claim G-d status?

Yours faithfully,


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James left an annotation ()

Evidence of there being a Trust is obtained in UN Court records when the Corporation took a case to the UN over breach of copywrite. Look at "World Intellectual Property Organisation, Arbitration and Mediation Centre" Case number D2002-0754. Filed by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, in right of her Government in New Zealand, as Trustee for the Citizens, Organisations and State of New Zealand, acting by and through the Honourable Jim Sutton, the Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade. - All the information you need is there.

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