The SOURCE for your authority derives from where?

Angela made this Official Information request to Inland Revenue Department

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From: Angela

Dear Inland Revenue Department,

Can you supply the wet ink signature; royal assent; royal patent from Queen Elizabeth ii for any of the Acts of parliament being used as justification for taxing the people of New Zealand?

Can you please supply the wet ink signature; royal assent, letter patent from queen elizabeth ii for the 1986 Constitution Act?

NZ Government by their own admission are operating without a codified constitution, therefore operating by deception, what is Inland Revenue using as their source of authority to collect taxes on behalf of a private, for profit organisation operating for private, personal gain?
Income Tax is a private, for profit business, because Inland Revenue is a private for profit enterprise, why do men and women of New Zealand need to pay tax for conducting business on the whenua for which Inland Revenue hold no Bill of sale?

Please can Inland Revenue a private, for profit business provide the BILL OF SALE for the whenua they claim to administrate and collect taxes from?

Why are New Zealand people, and tangatawhenua liable to pay taxes to a private, for profit entity doing business on soil that they have not purchased, nor paid for?

The Babylonian priesthood and todays Bar Association derive from the Levite Priesthood of bible and continue to collect tithes in spite of the ancient covenant been long expired, how much of the collected revenue goes towards public infrastructure?

New Zealand is a map that existed only upon settlement by the NZ company, and established by way of International agreements with our ancestral Tipuna, where was there agreement for any of our Tipuna Ascendants to be Taxed and bonded?

Taxes did not exist on the soil of our ancestral tipuna, nor did IRD numbers tagging our people like cattle, where was their agreement by our tipuna to add a taxable SURNAME to their ascendants?
A Corporation is a fictional entity, and Inland Revenue is a Corporation in the business of collecting taxes from the "persons" contained in the legislation, those being artificial entities, also Natural person distinguishes from the artificial, but still a Roman Civil Law term, and differs greatly from man, woman or child of the 1611 Saint James Bible, why is Inland Revenue extending its extortion racket to men and women?

Where are men and women in NZ legislation making them liable to taxes to a foreign, private entity?

Yours faithfully,


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From: Anne Morrow
Inland Revenue Department


Dear Angela

The general legislative authority for imposing and collecting taxes lies within the various Inland Revenue Acts. These are listed in the schedule to the Tax Administration Act 1994 and include the Income Tax Act 2007, which imposes tax on income and the Goods and Services Tax Act 1985, which provides for the charging of GST on goods and services supplied in the course of carrying on a tax able activity.

The Inland Revenue Acts are Acts of Parliament and are binding on all persons within the territory of New Zealand.

New Zealand Acts are publicly available. Therefore, under the provisions in section 12 of the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) your request is refused.

If you are not satisfied with my response, you have the right, by way of a complaint to the Ombudsman, under section 28(3) of the OIA, to seek an investigation and review of the refusal.

Thank you for writing.

Kind regards
Anne Morrow
Officer, Inland Revenue

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From: Angela

Dear Anne Morrow,

You took very little time to answer my question and then did not answer it adequately at all.

Persons and Natural Persons are legal terms from the Roman Civil law, and do not account for man, woman, or tangatawhenua in legislation, so what do private Acts, by a private, for profit business have to do with man, woman or tangatwhenua here in Aotearoa?
Inland Revenue is a private corporation, and it collects taxes for which private entities?
Persons according to the Interpretatios Act are an organisation. incorporated and unincorporated, and can be natural persons, which is also a Roman Civil Law, legalese term, am I correct?
The Statute of Westminster the 1st states there is to be "no respect of persons" and tangatawhenua have a Treaty recognised internationally, why is Inland Revenue applying private Statutes to men, women and tangatawhenua of Aoteaoroa?
Human beings are defined as Monsters in Blacks First edition, so is this how IRD defines men, women and tangatawhenua, monsters?

The questions needed to be answered and rebutted point by point, this will be followed up with a complain to the Ombudsman as well, I am curious to know why IRD is charging TAX when it has no BILL OF SALE for any of the whenua here and is unlawfully extorting based on a presumption of authority, am I correct?

Yours sincerely,


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