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Angela made this Official Information request to Office for Māori Crown Relations—Te Arawhiti

Office for Māori Crown Relations—Te Arawhiti did not have the information requested.

From: Angela

Dear Office for Māori Crown Relations—Te Arawhiti,

Where is the legal permission and agreement/consent by lawfully constituted and proclaimed Hapu and their respective Rangatira to the setting up of the New Zealand company via the 1986 constitution Act?

Where is the consent by the non statutory Hapu and their whanau to the creation of an Act that passes power to entities whom are not publicly bonded, nor possess indemnity for their public Acts?

Where does it state anywhere in Te Tiriti o Waitangi iwi chairs, corporations and statutory entities are to receive billions in funding from the administration upon our whenua taonga tuku iho, while lawfully constituted and proclaimed Hapu are excluded from participation contrary to International treaties?

Can you please supply any memos, letters, emails and documents containing the legal permission given to the New Zealand company and its agents and particularly the Registrar General by those living on their ancestral whenua taonga tuku iho to create unauthorised legal entities from the information supplied on the birth documents?

Queen Victoria, and her WESTMINSTER PARLIAMENT were to govern her British subjects from Britain, not permit them to establish a parliament upon our soil at all; as this breaches Article 2 of the He Wakaputanga 1835, where the paramount Chiefs proclaimed and declared that they will not permit any other foreign legislative authority in their collective capacity to govern, rule and reign upon our soil, unless agreed upon by we the Wakaminenga in our collective capacity in Congress Assembled at Waitangi.

Where is the permission from those that form the National Wakaminenga to the establishment of the statutory entity that is the NZ Company, the Labour Caucas, the National Part, Act New Zealand Party?

Therefore, Co-Governance upon our soil was ruled out.

It was Co-Governance only with WESTMINSTER Parliament to govern her British subjects, where is the agreement by those lawfully constituted entities to the creation of to the transfer of public wealth to private entities and creatures of statute?

There was no Imperial NZ CONSTITUTION Act 1852, and no NZ Parliament prior to 1854 was there?

So where is the legal permission for the NZ company to overide International agreements Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840, He Wakaputanga o Rangitiratanga o Niu Tirene and co-opt the institutions paid for by way of the administration upon our whenua taonga tuku iho?

Also, the fact that the private offshore NZ COMPANY, HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND, which registered themselves in 1934 with the Security & Exchange Commission, Washington D.C., U.S.A, is operating out of from the United States, are answerable to their foreign Shareholders.

Please supply all documentation pertaining to the shareholders of HER MAJESTY QUEEN IN RIGHT CORPORATION?

Our Paramount Chiefs of the forum of Waitangi, in 1840, had never entered into a treaty with the United States had we?

If one Society is to share land to the other Society, then the same rule must apply for the other Society such as England, to share their land with us as well, is this not what equity is all about, yes or no?

The 43 sovereign Ngapuhi Chiefs entered into some sort of pact with the English sovereign Queen Victoria, Her Society the “British Nation.” The 43 sovereign Ngapuhi Chiefs did not enter into a treaty with her British subjects who have no land nor country to treaty with.

What land did the British subjects bring to the table?

Yours faithfully,


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From: OfficialCorrespondence@tearawhiti.govt.nz
Office for Māori Crown Relations—Te Arawhiti

Tēnā koe,


Thank you for your correspondence of 4 August 2022 requesting information
under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). This letter acknowledges
receipt of your request. The Office for Māori Crown Relations - Te
Arawhiti will process your request and provide a response in due course.
You can expect a response on or before 1 September 2022.

Te Arawhiti proactively publishes OIA responses that are likely to be of
public interest and will consider doing so with the response to your
request. We will convey our decision in our response to you. If we decide
to publish our response, this will happen at least 20 working days after
you receive the response. We will also remove any identifying details
(including your name and contact details) from the published response.


Ngā mihi


Official Correspondence


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From: OfficialCorrespondence@tearawhiti.govt.nz
Office for Māori Crown Relations—Te Arawhiti

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Kia ora Angela,


Please find attached response to your OIA request.


Ngā mihi


Official Correspondence



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WEB: tearawhiti.govt.nz
The Office for Māori Crown Relations – Te Arawhiti
Level 3, Justice Centre, 19 Aitken Street,
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