Where is the BILL OF SALE

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From: Angela

Dear Inland Revenue Department,

Where is the Bill of Sale and wet ink signature; or Letter patent for the whenua c.f land Inland Revenue a private, for profit entity are claiming to administrate and collect taxes from?

Was Inland Revenue formed out of the 1986 constitution Act?

If Inland Revenue is merely a creature of statute doing business in new zealand for personal private gain, why are New Zealand people required to pay PUBLIC taxes to a PRIVATE entity, and to who are the taxes being paid to for and on behalf of please?

What is the purpose and function of the private, for profit entity operating as The Inland Revenue?

Inland Revenue states "persons" in legislation are inclusive of flesh and blood entities, and in order to do business with flesh and blood entities the creation of legal fictions was necessary, can Inland Revenue please supply the contract, letters, emails and discussions that were had in the formation stages of the Inland Revenue Acts of New Zealand, where the agreement took place, the parties to the agreement and the purpose for the agreement to remove taxes from men, women and children in New Zealand?

How much profit has Inland Revenue made in the years it has been administrating in New Zealand, and where has this profit been distributed to?

Who are shareholders of Inland Revenue New Zealand and where is the establishment certificate for Inland Revenue agreed to by the public for the collection of taxes and tithes, and where have these taxes been applied and for what purpose?

Why does Inland Revenue charge taxes to those who were first in time here on Te Ika a Maui a TikeTike a Taranga/Moana Nui a Kiwa/Aotearoa and who do the taxes go to exactly?

Yours faithfully,


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From: Commissioners Correspondence
Inland Revenue Department

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Dear Angela

Please find attached my response to your information request of 24 May 2022.

Kind regards

Craig O'Halloran | Officer | Inland Revenue

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