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tina marie kahurangi made this Official Information request to Inland Revenue Department

The request was refused by Inland Revenue Department.

From: tina marie kahurangi

Dear Inland Revenue Department,

In 2016 agents of IRD transferred kiwisaver contributions over to ASB;
ASB ks # 256969. I request for information relating to that transfer, who actioned this, what was transferred, how much was transferred before any investment withdraw?

Request for the accurate amount of contribution transferred?

Request for correspondence between IRD agent[s] & ASB wealth operations investment scheme.

Request for information to any contract for the certificate of investment # 100908951.

Request for information & copy of a contract showing any mutual agreement of transfer, disposal, sell, or purchase of security?

Yours faithfully,

authorised administrator & executor:
de jure:
:tina-marie-kahurangi: in her private capacity

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From: Commissioners Correspondence
Inland Revenue Department


Dear Tina

Inland Revenue has received your request of 25 August 2022 for KiwiSaver information.

The information you have requested is sensitive revenue information as defined in section 16 of the Tax Administration Act 1994 (TAA) and is subject to the confidentiality requirements of section 18 of the TAA.

As Inland Revenue cannot disclose sensitive revenue information on a public website, we will send you a response by secure message.

To avoid doubt you cannot not override the confidentiality requirements of section 18 of the TAA.

Yours sincerely

Craig O'Halloran
Officer, Inland Revenue

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