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Sovereign sharna made this Official Information request to Thames-Coromandel District Council

This request has had an unusual response, and requires attention from the FYI team.

From: Sovereign sharna

Dear Thames-Coromandel District Council,

Could you please provide written evidence of THE LAW that requires sovereign flesh and blood men and women to pay council taxes and rates?

I have investigated and and various other websites to find as much information as I can regarding council tax laws, but
can only find information on the STATUTES or ACTS that apply to the PERSON or LEGAL FICTION, I cannot find a LAW that is applicable to living sovereign beings justifiably taxed by a council or local

I understand that, by legal definition, statutes and acts are defined as legislated rules of a SOCIETY which have been given the force of law, but in themselves are NOT LAW, and;

A society is defined as a number of people joined BY MUTUAL Consent to deliberate, determine and act for a common goal.

So in essence the STATUTES only apply to those who give consent i.e., are a willing member of the society.

I am looking for the LAW that applies to those living sovereign men and women that have not mutually consented or have withdrawn their consent from a particular society, i.e., those living sovereign that are no longer subject to the rules of that society;

I require you to provide evidence of the LAW (not the statute) which states that all living men and women (NOT PERSONS) are obliged to pay council tax / rates
(including humans who are not willing consenting members of

Please note, that if your response includes the word Person, PERSONS OR INDIVIDUAL, you have failed to answer my request, as
persons are not flesh and blood living sovereign men and women, they are LEGAL FICTIONS and the term INDIVIDUAL is defined as meaning a PERSON which is also legal fiction NOT a living being , man or woman. Also, do not direct me to ACTS, STATUES, or LEGISLATIONS as these do not apply to a living being of flesh and blood who is in possession of an Immortal Soul.

I wish to know what LAW (not statute or act) obliges me, a living sovereign woman, or HOMO SAPIEN to pay council tax or rates

I also require, a copy of the LAW which states a council may prosecute a living sovereign man or woman of flesh and blood for Council Tax Arrears in ordered to recover what they term a debt.

I require a written copy of the procedure used by the Council to validate the information used to establish the arrears, i.e., if LOSS as defined as under COMMON LAW JURISDICTION is the justification for prosecution of a flesh and blood, man or
woman, can the council provide written evidence for that LOSS with full financial records and accounting to back up that debt, along with contracts committing both parties showing equal consideration,
acceptance and signatures, when requested?

What process do they, the councils, use to distinguish between a living being of flesh and blood and a PERSON for such purposes of threatening prosecution?

Yours faithfully,without ill will, vexation or frivolity

without prejudice and with all unalienable rights and powers reserved

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From: Alice Lane
Thames-Coromandel District Council

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Dear Sovereign Sharna,


Please find attached Council’s letter of response regarding your Official
Information requests.


Sent on behalf of Alison Hunt.


Alice Lane

Casual Administrator

Thames-Coromandel District Council

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