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K Roe (Account suspended) made this Official Information request to Ministry of Social Development

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From: K Roe (Account suspended)

Dear Ministry of Social Development,

The Court of Appeal knows I am in receipt of Supported Living Payment as my Primary Source of Income. They accepted the evidence of this in all but 1 of the filings (because they insist that I file and re-file and re-re-file and re-re-re-file and re-re-re-re-file and I have supplied evidence that I am in receipt of SLP as my Primary Source of Income on no less than 8 occasions and they accepted the evidence on all but one where they chose to fail (where their failure was upheld by the court of appeal who accepted the evidence for filing the appeal with the Supreme Court but did not accept the evidence for the purpose of over-turning the incorrect judgment).

The Court of Appeal chose to require me to pay more than $20,000 security for costs otherwise they will not accept any of the filings (that have been served etc) in the court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal has already had the Supreme Court deliver judgment that the Supreme Court does not consider it a matter of public interest that beneficaries are required to pay security for costs and there is no merit to my request for waiver or reduction in costs.

I understand I do not have a right to appeal. The courts do not seem to undersetand, however, that I have the right to justice. Justice was not done in the High Court and the courts have chosen to force things to run into the court of appeal. I suppose because they don't have better things to be doing with their time.

I don't know that a 'reasonable and solvent litigant' would bring a case to the NZ courts. I don't know that the courts are willing or able to find in the interests of justice. I don't know that it is possible for good people to do business in this jurisdiction. Increasingly people are taking NZ businesses to court in overseas jurisdictions because there is nothing here (e.g., various things around White Island, various things around dolphin farming by NZ fisheries companies etc).

I previously was in the position to pay a filing fee ($40 tenancy tribunal) so I did not need to ask for assistance from WINZ to do that (even though they say they will assist with that if required). But still, even after paying the courts, the courts refused to uphold a judgment that was just for me.

So I don't think paying them money faciltates or enables justice. So even if it is about paying a bribe... It doesn't seem to be effective when it comes to motivating or incenivisingi them to find in the interests of justice.


I applied to WINZ for an advance benefit payment so that justice is not denied to me by the Court of Appeal.

I had to phone and phone and phone and phone and spend days on the phone trying find out what was happening with the filings. Eventually 7 December I was informe dthat my application for review of decision to decline the application was declined. That is to say WINZ would not pay the amount requested by Mini-Injustice as an advance benefit payment (to be repaid by me to WINZ in the likely case where the courts decide to punish the applicant for having made application to the courts).

7 December I was informed that it now goes to hte benefits review committee. I was encouraged to hurry up with filing a case for the committee -- even when they still have not supplied me with their reasons for declining 'not essential need' aside.

I am wanting a meeting of the benefits review committee to be scheduled.

The courts are saying my appeals have been deemed abandoned because I have not given them more than $20,000. I see what they chose to do with the $40 filings fee I gave the tenancy tribunal.

I see how they refuse to pay out to the Lake Alice Victims (the courts give the money to themselves an dthe lawyers instead). I see how they refuse to prosecute Dr Leeks. I see how they currently harbor criminals in the hospital system. I see how they refuse to progress or process applications to enrol, qualification completions, they refuse to publically advertise jobs, they refuse to hire the candidates with ability to do the job, they refuse to opay the workers, quite the elaborate hoax or scheme to keep the pedophiles etc working as 'specialists '(Or on payroll as specialists) in the hostpials. Working as teaches in teh schools. Working for Oraka Tamariki. Taking the kids and putting them with known pedophiles to traffick children for sex offences...

When is the meeting of the Benefits Review Committee?

It is a matter of public interest.

Please, tell the UN (tell the world) document in fact how you withhold and deny justice to the people of NZ.

7 December I was informed there would be a meeting of the Benefit Review Committee to see about advance benefit payment to pay Mini-Injustice more than $20,000 they require to hear various cases of Roe v Universities of New Zealand. How they are not enrolling studnets, not allowing studnets to work to internationally accepted standards of scholarship, not graduating studnetsn who are working to that standard, not conferring degrees.

Please hurry up.

I applied for advance payment

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- Mini-Injustice is demanding more than $20,000 to be paid else they will not progress my cases through the court of appeal. They know I am in receipt of SLP as my primary source of income (though now they deny even that). I have supplied the evidence over and over. But now they come up with various reasons why the evidence I have supplied to them is 'ineligible'. That is to say the level or magnitude of the garbage is escalating.

- I applied for advance payment on my benefit (recoverable) to pay the security for costs that was set by the Court of Appeal.

- My application was declined by WINZ. I appealed that. I was informed 7 December that the result of internal review was to uphold the decision to decline my advance benefit payment.

- I have explained that I understand I do not have a right to appeal in the courts -- But I understand I do have the right to justice. Justice is not to be denied to people because the government chooses to keep them poor-ly and the government can trample minorities because they don't command an army to do anything about it so what are they going to do? I am kept, by the government, on less than minimum wage, while the government records costs against me only (student loan, court fees, debt to WINZ) while forcing me to slave for the universities and the courts and WINZ, now. They want me to write and and write and write while they accuse me of disability and incapacity and refuse to progress or process my filins.

Perhaps they can give me as slave to the UN? And I'l write for the UN then, for less than minimum wage, then? While the government hires known pedophiles and rapists and murderers and puts them on payroll in the hospitals and the schools and as care-givers for the child-trafficking-for-sex-offences set-up that is Oraka Tamariki.

- The Ministry of Social Development has refused to give me a hearing date for when the case will be heard by the benefit review committee.

- The Ministry of Social Development has refused to give my application to someone with the wilingness / ability to process it properly in a timely fashion.



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