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K Roe (Account suspended) made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

The request was successful.

From: K Roe (Account suspended)

Dear Ministry of Justice,

I am requesting to know:

1) What government departments / agencies employ government prosecutors who can prosecute alleged criminal offences on behalf of the government? (A list, please).

2) Who the people are (or perhaps what roles there are) who or that have the authority to instruct the government prosecutors to actively get busy in prosecuting alleged criminal offences on behalf of the government? (A list, please)

Yours faithfully,

K Roe

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Ministry of Justice

Thank you for contacting the Official Information Act request mailbox for
the Ministry of Justice. We will endeavour to respond to your email within
48 hours. 

You can find more information about how we can help you at our [1]Official
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Mr Rodgers left an annotation ()

You'll probably need to define what you mean by "government prosecutors".

There are many govt departments that have enforcement (prosecution) powers. Charges will typically be laid by an enforcement officer from that agency. Lawyers for the agency would then run the Court process from there. Those lawyers probably won't be working full time on prosecutions.

If the offence is very serious (murder, terriorism, etc), or if the defendant selects for trial by jury, the case is handed off to Crown Law and a Crown solicitor will lead the case.

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K Roe (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

A list of who the *enforcement officers* are. Thankyou for the clarifiation, Mr Rodgers.

So that if I need to go to the UN and say 'the New Zealand Government refuses to prosecute offenders within the excutive such that it is IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOOD PEOPLE TO FUNCTION WITHIN NEW ZEALAND I have a list of the enforcement officers who REFUSED TO DO THEIR JOB (while collecting government salaries).

Kelly Roe.

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Mr Rodgers left an annotation ()

Don't blame the poor old enforcement officers. They would complete their investigation and make a recommendation on prosecution or not. Their management would make the final decision. That decision would be based on their prosecution policy. (Google "nz prosecution policy:" to see the policies of various govt departments). All of those policies would need to meet the Crown Law guidelines which say there are two tests: evidential sufficiency and public good.

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K Roe (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Does anybody in NZ who is paid over $100,000 per year actually do the job for which they are paid?

I am genuinely starting to wonder...

Chris Whelan in his capacity as CE of the NZVCC (trading as Universities NZ) was supposed to receive complaints of serious wrong and another party was supposed to help him with his investigation and the evidence he collected was supposed to go to the NZVCC Committee (of which he is no the sole member) or the police.

He refused to do his job. He refused to allow another person to weigh in on the complaint he recevied.

He refused to get the evidence he collected to the police (since that complainant was a student that was the next step the policy stated he should follow).

He stated in his affidavit evidence that he ALWAYS treats complaints like this. That is to say the person whose job it is to investigate allegations of serious wrongdoing within the Universities of NZ refuses to do his job always.

For this the government pays him excess of $200,000 per year. To ensure that complaints of serious wrongdoing stop with Chris Whelan.

I am currently waiting to hear from the courts for... I think it is an appeal of an appeal of an appeal because the courts don't think that this is a matter of public interest.

The courts don't think that NZ's refusal to investigate complaints of serious wrongdoing within NZ Universities is a matter of public interest.

It's a multi-billion dollar business for New Zealand. And New Zealand Universities refuse to allow their graduate research students to work to international standards on graduate research degrees.

Here's how it goes: You do the work (I completed a 120 point 1 EFT 1 Year MPHil Degree in 2018) and then they go 'pay us more money for more re-enrolment or you will never receive your degree'. Even when 2/3 external examiners are willing to sign the studnet off. The University refuses to get the work to the externals to prevent them signing the studnet off unless more fees have been paid.

Ever since the end of 2018 I have been trying to get justice.

New Zealand: It's not working.

Things are too corrupt and the officials responsible for invstigating are only paid so very very very ery much becuase they were carefully handpicked to be people who are on board with the whole corruption thing.

I would not surprised at all if Jeffery Epstein is to be found in a bolt-hole in NZ with his wife (was there an open casket funeral).

It's a f*cking farce of country.

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K Roe (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

But we can get a list of people whose job it is to investigate complaints and pass them to the relevant authority. And then we can see how many of them fail to do that.

Is it the case that the grand plan for NZ is that all the criminals of the world will buy themselves NZ citizenship and then their other citizenship will be revoked? In this manner NZ will be detention camp island or prisoner detention centre where all the criminals of the world live? They can choose to be constrained in their movement in prisons in developed nations or they can choose to move to NZ? Is that the plan?

I just don't know what the f*ucking problem is where the Judiciary (Judges and Registrars and lawyers etc) and administration within the University (Vice Chancellors and Deans etc) REFUSE to adopt the most very basic of LSAT (Law standardised admission test) reasoning skills. They refuse to engage in the most basic level of reading comprehension when it comes to what it means to allow studnets the academic freedom to work to international standards. They refuse to engage in the most basic level of reading comprehension when it comes to the Dean's job being to deliever the outcome of examination that is based in reports of examiners.

People will only do whatever they want whenever they want because they want and because teh government chooses to enable them by paying them more than $100,000 per year to ensure their job is not done. Is not done by them. Is not done by anyone. Refuses to prosecute / remove people who will not do their job.

Chooses to keep so many people in inhumane and substandard conditons. Will only find in favor or promotion of those who get with the NZ government agenda of treating it's peple as badly as it can get away with for as long as it can get away with it.

There's nobody home. Honestly. I just can't comprehend the fucking lunacy of the situation where NZ simply REFUSES to develop.

The problem isn't 'no speak English'. It's something different entirely.

The problem isn't the government.

It's the administration.

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K Roe (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

It's just such a farce... I can't can't comprehend...

How much does the 1 neurosurgeon that SDHB will employ get paid? Does he take the money that is supposed to be spent on 3 neurosurgeons (for a properly functioning unit whereby 1 can always seek a consult and whereby 1 is off duty)? Or was the plan to find someone who had been struck off the register in one or more developed nations for some combination of incompetence or maliciousness. I mean... The lengths (the considerable lengths) that people go to to ENSURE that SDHB does not have a functioning neurosurgery unit.

And the same goes for most things... All over the show. To prevent development. The CE of the ADHB gets paid how much?? To ensure that her staff don't get paid. To ensure that working for the SDHB is a horrible experience for everyone. To ensure that patient care is substandard. The considerable effort and lengths the government etc has gone to to snure that the people of NZ don't have access to quality timely healthcare. Don't have access to well paying and valued jobs.

They advertise a position (if you are lucky -- if it isn't a case of them sourcing the most psychopathic individuals they can find without publically advertising) and they make it seem fairly unattractive (who wants to work 15 hours a week from 12 in the morning until 6am shift). Then when people apply they tell them no. Then they readvertise the job the very next day. Then they tell them no. Then they redvertise.

THen they say they made a Degree programme!!! Did you know!! You can enrol in a University training programme (or tech or whatever) and spend 3 years paying fees to the University to be a sterile supply technicion (to put things in the audoclave). We know how that works:: YOU pay teh University for the training programme. They put you to work in the hospitals dong the job in the name of your 'work experience'. But they don't pay you to do the job. You pay them to be enrolled in the University.

And then they won't give you your degree. Because... They won't. They aren't going to pay you. They will get studnets doing teh work for free and then they will get rid of the studnets and start on a new batch of studnets.

That's what's great about increasing the number of training places for medical doctors -- right? They pay the University. The University puts them to work in that final year. Cheapest junior doctors ever. Only doctors who actually show their faces in teh hospitals??? THe people being paid enough to ensure there is no unit don't ever actually turn up to work -- right??

And then you can simply not give them their degree... You can say 'you bribed your way in and so now we aren't going to give you your degree'. That's what they are doing now in Otago -- right?

Saying that the studnets paid bribes so they aren't going to give them their qualification. The qualification that isn't worth anything internationally becuase they paid off foreign officials to get out of their workplace requirement.

New Zealand Univerisites demand their studnets pay bribes otherwise they won't sign them off.

THey have people with qualifications who paid bribes.

SO anytime they choose they can out them for having paid bribes and terminate their qualification.

It's very very very very very very corrupt.

Good people can't do business with teh likes of us.


What are they going to do about it?

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K Roe (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

The Ombudsman... 'Wrongly deciding' left right and centre. All the atrocities he has seen over the years in the detention facilities. The UN telling NZ to do something about it. Do something about it. Do something about it. And NZ doing what NZ always does 'we don't see anything wrong' and 'nonononoonnononono you caaaaaaaaaaan't maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus'.

How much does the Ombudsman get paid to say he doesn't see anything wrong with what happens in the prisons and the hospitals?

How much does the Ombudsman get paid to quash complaints only. He doesn't see anything wrong with whatever Governmetn department doing anything it wants whenever it wants because it wants. He doesn't see anything wrong.

It's like he's had his eyes poked out.

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K Roe (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

It's like NZ is busily trying to be what we thought China was like however many years ago. When there were all these human rights abuses. New Zealand is busily working towards being more like that. Our leaders wanted the people of NZ (particularly the poor people of NZ) to breed masses of gamma babies so the NZ government could keep them in appalling conditions. It somehow thought that having more gamma babies would improve our economy.

China has grown up. Obviously. Can do art. Doctored images (obviously doctored). It's called 'Satire' when Western Countries do it. Films about concrete factories... Etc. Wear a face mask -- stand with Hong Kong. Hong Kong should have represented 'rule of law' for and to NZ. We don't know enough about how the Government of Mainland China works to be able to see that as democratic or representative or even sort of republican with trained people who might actually be a little bit bright and knowledgable when it comes to things they are supposed to be working out / writing laws on or whatever.

But NZ refuses to acknowledge much of what China is about or has become becuase it's busy trying to be what China was however many years ago...

NZ government is the only supposedly developed government who doesn't want there to be action to improve the lives of the people from China... Improving their working conditions...

It isn't about trade-sanctions. It is about agreeing not to purchase things made with slave-labor so there won't be a demand / reward for keeping slaves.

But that's NZ's strategy. That's the strategy. We want to produce massive volumes of Manuka honey with traces of round-up in it. That's our strategy. We want to produce massive volumes of milk powder contaminated with nitrogen.

I apologise on behalf of NZ for NZ's role in Fonterra murdering Chinese infants.

China was trying to be reponsible (for better or worse it seemed it was trying to be responsible) in keeping the birth rate down. And during a time of 'one child' policy...

NZ got busy murdering infants from China because of greed.

We destroyed the reputation of NZ (over and over and over and over and over and over again) murdering Chinese infants from greed.

And of course then there's how we treat our own people.

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K Roe (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

All these people apparently killing themselves to avoid being held accountable for their actions (e.g., the Medical guy who killed Amber, the Dilworth guys)...

Are they really dead?

Or did NZ think it cheaper to sell them to someplace... So they could continue on in their crimes?

Perhaps there's some detention facility somewhere where they want the kids to be molested. Part of their strategy for gamma people growth and development. Growing the economy by producing more and more and more people who have been sexually molested and so on. Part of the strategy for reducing people to animals so the governmetn feels somehow enttitled to continue on treating them in the manner to which they have been accostomed...

Sent to work in teh concentration camps of some other nation.

Is that where they are now?

SOld by the NZ government. Or people who paid off NZ government officials so they could get away from having to face the consequences of their actions in NZ. I suppose this is more likely.

NZ: A f*cking liability on the world stage

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Ministry of Justice

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Tēnā koe

Official information request for information on Government prosecution

I refer to your official information request dated Sunday 16 May for
information relating to government prosecutions.

We have transferred your request to Crown Law. The information to which
your request relates is not held by us but is believed to be held by Crown
Law. In these circumstances, we are required by section 14 of the to
transfer your request.

You will hear further from Crown Law concerning your request. If you wish
to contact them Crown Law may be reached on [1][email address]

Ngā mihi



Official Correspondence

Strategy, Governance and Finance
DDI: +64 4 918 8800




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From: OIA

Dear K Roe

We acknowledge receipt of your email of 16 May 2021 to the Ministry of Justice requesting information. The Ministry of Justice has today transferred your request to Crown Law for response.

Your email is being treated as a request for information under the Official Information Act 1982.  In accordance with section 15 of the Official Information Act, a response to your request will be provided as soon as is reasonably practicable, and in any case within 20 working days of receipt of the transfer from the Ministry of Justice of your request, ie by 17 June 2021.

Kind regards,

Crown Law Te Tari Ture o te Karauna
P O Box 2858 or  DX SP20208 | Level 3 Justice Centre | 19 Aitken Street | Wellington 6011

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From: Public Prosecution Unit - Crown Law

Attachment 6287687 OIA response to K Roe at FYI re Government agency prosecutions and in house prosecutors.PDF.pdf
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Tēnā koe K Roe,


Please find attached a response to your information request.


Ngā mihi nui


Public Prosecutions Unit

Te Tari Ture o te Karauna | Crown Law 



Confidentiality Notice: This email may contain information that is
confidential or legally privileged. If you have received it by mistake,
(a) reply promptly to that effect, and remove this email and the reply
from your system; (b) do not act on this email in any other way. Thank


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From: K Roe (Account suspended)

Dear Public Prosecution Unit - Crown Law,

Thank you for supplying the information.

I am not going to apologise for my rant -- because it needed to be said.

I have not been supplied with instructions about not commenting on court cases that are under-way or presently being decided by the courts.

I am also waiting justice on events that occurred in 2018.

It would be unreasonable to expect me to be silent on issues while the courts of New Zealand take years for things to work through (nation of Very Little Precedent).

Yours sincerely,

K Roe

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