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tina marie kahurangi made this Official Information request to Kāinga Ora–Homes and Communities

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From: tina marie kahurangi

Dear Kāinga Ora–Homes and Communities,

Apparently HNZ aka Kainga-ora homes and communities has without contract or consent requested to MSD c/- WINZ to automatically deduct arrears payments from different PERSON of serial birth number 1968119987;

HNZ aka Kainga-ora homes and communities entity does not have a signed update contract for PERSON in which the charge is made;

There are three PERSONS involved;
1: The first PERSON Tina Lawrence's contract was given no full disclosure about involvement of a third party making the contract null & void;

2: The second PERSON Tnga SHULTZ does not have a signed contract with HNZ at all;

3: The third PERSON Tina KAHURANGI is charged with arrears taken from its benefit 500734673 which doesn't have a contract either;



[Contract & commercial law act 2017, s12, (1)This section applies to a promise contained in a deed or contract that confers, or purports to confer, a benefit on a person, designated by name, description, or reference to a class, who is not a party to the deed or contract.]

[This section applies whether or not the person referred to in subsection (1) is in existence when the deed or contract is made].
IS THIS WHAT HAS OCCURRED, these PERSONS don't actually exist;

According to the [Imperial laws application act 1988, s5 Application of common law of England;

After the commencement of this Act, the common law of England (including the principles and rules of equity), so far as it was part of the laws of New Zealand immediately before the commencement of this Act, shall continue to be part of the laws of New Zealand.]

Compare: 1908 No 55 s 2]

The requester, under common law jurisdiction demands that the agency provide copies of each PERSONS listed except Tina Lawrence, the contracts; showing a wet ink signature of Tnga SHULTZ and MSD Tina KAHURANGI and all derivatives of the "said name' for the 16 December 2021, giving the agents of the agency authority to right of claim;

As far as the requester is aware, there is only one mutual agreement between the agent :tina-marie-kahurangi: house of moke and PERSONS aka principal's, in the current security agreement registered number: TMKM80421_SA; financing statement number: F76C9E29EDG32M95, 30 July 2021; in her possession;

The requester did not know that a third party existed;

If you do not provide me a copy of the requested contracts, why you continue to charge the PERSON aka principal, then the requester will contact the Privacy commissioners office, to find out why are you charging the principal if there is no updated contract;

Yours faithfully,

:tina-marie-kahurangi: house of moke

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tina marie kahurangi left an annotation ()

This request is simply requesting that the HNZ provide proof of of contract - as the requester did email to the housing support worker for a copy, but they continue to show me an invalid - null & void copy, requester has specifically asked for the current contract, showing there was consent to bring a charge against PERSON;

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Angela left an annotation ()

Sister they are pirates who are the worst on the planet, this is DEMONS paradise.
They work for the devil these critters and they think they are G-DS.
The Charlemagnes, these papal lineages they are trying to control us when we are our own masters standing as our own "priesthood"!

First in time, best in law, we stand above their low end lust for power and control.

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