Is there a Power of Attorney placed on the newly born child shortly after Registration?

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From: Angela

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

Is there a Power of Attorney placed over every newly born child in New Zealand shortly after the birth registration process?

Doctor Foley who attended my birth event advised my mother to fill out a PPPR6 form shortly after being born, is this still active?

Are the DIA administrating my property?

Is it standard practice for the Registrar responsible for recording birth information, to require CAPITALISATION of the recorded information like the one in Papakura required of myself and my mother?

Why are DIA issuing a BDM107A to the people of NZ using information recorded as an ORGANISATION and passing it off as a living baby?

Where in the Legislation does it mention man, woman, or child?

Is the practice of CAPITALISATION used to create the "persons" in Legislation which are ORGANISATIONS, incorporated and unincorporated?

Does DIA hold my wet ink autograph giving permission to convert my given name into an organisation for the purposes of administration, and was there full disclosure to both my parents about the conversion of my given name to that of an ORGANISATION?

Yours faithfully,


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From: Yvonne Weeber
Department of Internal Affairs

Kia ora Angela
This is being treated as business enquiry as the information is already publicly available on the DIA Website :

The Department of Internal Affairs are aware of false theories (sometimes known as the Sovereign movement or Freeman of the Land movement) that have appeared on the internet and try to prove a link between New Zealand Birth Certificates and financial corporations.

There is no link between New Zealand birth certificates and:
*the creation of power of attorney
*recording your birth as an organisation
*DIA administering your property
*financial corporations (incorporated or unincorporated).

Please note that the Department fulfils its obligations under the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Act 1995.

Ngā mihi
Complaints Team
Kāwai ki te iwi | Service Delivery and Operations Te Tari Taiwhenua - Department of Internal Affairs

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Angela left an annotation ()

The Department of Internal affairs and its agents and principals fails to answer the questions put to it.
Specifically who is responsible for requiring the parents of the newly born child to CAPITALISE the names on the rg27 after the parents have notified the registrar of the birth.
The English language has precise rules of grammar that make no provision for writing proper nouns in all capital letters.
Attaching a SURNAME is a JUDAIC insult to the Godless heathen the Babyloanian priesthood(bar association of today) falsely claim do not know spiritual law. They PRESUME falsely, and so i would like to know the responsible parties who introduced this modern day slavery practice?

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