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From: walker wang

Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment,
Good afternoon

There are some confusions here.
In the 2021-resident-visa-application-checklist, the two clauses are "A copy of your birth certificate and a copy of any family member’s birth certificate who is included in the application" and "Certified or official translations for any documents that are not in English.", which means what I should do is to provide a copy of birth certificate only, and translate it into English if it is not in English. Based on this, I can get the copy of birth certificate quickly, and send them to Te Tari Taiwhenua | Department of Internal Affairs to get a official translation documents. Then I can upload the official translation documents into my application.

However, I made a request title of which is "is it necessary of providing a official translation of Chinese ID for the new 2021 residence visa application?" before. The response I got from the request is "People born in China can obtain and provide INZ a notarised birth certificate from China.
It’s not necessary to have the original birth certificate as a Hukou (also
known as "family passport") is the source document to obtain the notarised
birth certificate. You will need to approach your local police for a
certificate to prove your date and place of birth then approach the Notary
Public Office for a notarised birth certificate." That means I need to notarise the birth certificate from China and send to me, not just translate it into English, it will take a really long time.

These two kinds of information are different completely in term of time cost. Therefore, can you please clarify whether I can follow the instruction from the checklist in term of birth certificate? You know, two kinds of information are both coming from official department, but the first one is more reasonable and practical.

Yours faithfully,

walker wang

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