Confusion related to 2022 Working Hoilday Visa qualifications

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From: showie

Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment,

I am an applicant for 2022 China WHV. I have encountered confusion in the following questions.Hoping to get an answer.
1. It is understandable to require a three-year high school qualification, but why do you have to be certified by the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Centre? As far as I know, CHSISS is not included in the signing document between China and New Zealand.

2. Does the New Zealand Immigration know that CHSISS cannot certify all Chinese high schools?

3. In May 2019, CHSISS cancelled the scope of certification for vocational high schools.(More information: )Vocational high school is also a full-time school that has been satisfied for at least three years, but it does not accept me because of the business adjustment of the CHSISS. Is it discriminating against me and my school?

4. I called the CHSISS staff and replied: 1. Try to explain this reason to the visa officer. 2. Recommend me to make a Notarial Certificate (Application materials for high school value: notarized high school diploma with English translation certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China). So, the last question,if I get a Notarial Certificate of high school, can I meet the conditions?

PS: CHSISS is the authoritative center responsible for the certification of higher education in China, which means that all college degrees or above can be obtained, but high school does not belong to higher education, so some high schools can not get CHSISS certification, it has a lot of loopholes.

Yours faithfully,


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