Regarding include the new born baby in RV2021 resident visa

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Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment,

Apologies in advance if I am asking in the wrong context.

We apply for a 2021 Resident visa under settled criteria in Phase - 2. Our application is still in preparation status. We had a baby born in New Zealand after applying for RV2021. As our application is in Preparing status I want to know how we can include a baby in our application.

We have right now only a birth certificate and apply for Passport. The passport application is still in progress and d know how long does it take. Is there any other way we can include Baby now? Is it possible to include it now with the Birth certificate or any other document? So while the application is processing if we receive a passport we include it in the supporting document.

Or is there any way to get his resident visa based on the Client's number and birth certificate later on when we get a passport we supply it to NZ immigration and they update the visa. What would be the possibility?

Yours faithfully,


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